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12 Tips to Learn English • Generation Travel

Will you help me master Shakespeare’s language? Here are 12 tips to learn English in no time!

Traveling is about being open to the world. Misfortune: It’s not necessary to speak French! In most cases, understanding and knowing how to deal with English will be helpful to you, wherever you are. The good news is, this language is very easy to learn, especially for French speakers.

If boring school lessons cause you bad memories, do not panic. There are many more effective and fun ways to get started (again), and thus be able to cope.

Generational travel and In advance Provides 12 tips for learning English and understanding you around the world. Let’s start the lesson!

1. Voyager

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What could be better than a journey to learn English? Overseas family vacations, university exchanges, romantic weekends, trips with friends or visiting distant relatives: never mind, English is spoken everywhere!

Also, we will not lie to each other, direct contact with an English speaker (native or non-native) remains and is the best way to learn it quickly. Immersing yourself completely in an area where you interact with Shakespeare’s language will force you to speak English and then think.

B: If you are lonely, good news! English speakers love this little French accent and you will find it hard to get rid of … but it will undoubtedly give you a beautiful page. Sexy, isn’t it?

2. Use special applications

Use special applications

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Welcome to the 21st century, the age of social media and countless smartphone applications. Some of them allow you to learn English or chat directly with real English speakers. This will ensure that you can flexibly develop your communication skills anytime, anywhere.

The market has grown well in recent years … Available for PC, mobile or tablet interfaces, the apps are suitable for all tastes and all budgets. Some even for free! Ideal for beginners or upgrades, you will have plenty of time to download them … thus, progress at your own pace!

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3. Take English lessons

English Learning Tips: Taking Classes Online

Photo credit: Facebook – Preply.com

Before? This is a website that connects students who want to learn English and private teachers. It offers the opportunity to take Private English lessons (Initial, intermediate or confirmed), taught by experienced trainers. Once registered, the student selects his or her teacher, whose profile includes an introductory video and comments from students. The coach will test your levels in advance and provide you with a highly customized curriculum aimed at your goals.

Benefit? Prices are clearly shown, go directly to the author, significant benefit, very affordable! If you are not satisfied with the first class, replace it with a new class for free with another teacher. This flexible solution (you accurately choose the theme of the subjects, their volume and their tables) and module allows you to quickly learn Shakespeare’s language.

4. Watch movies in their original version

Watch movies in their original version

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Cinephiles interested in travel may know it: for some foreign places, movies are sometimes not translated. This is the case with Disney, for example. So it is correct to understand them in the original version. This will allow you to learn English and even listen to that language.

You can start to get used to it by choosing French subtitles. Second, English subtitles are a companion to the global understanding of the language.

Then, finally, you will understand that you no longer need subtitles for pictures and series.
Today’s streaming sites allow you to select all languages. So start watching your favorite shows in English now!

5. Listen to music in English

Tips for learning English: Listening to music in English

Photo credit: Shutterstock – Standard

The artistic influence of our English-speaking friends obviously does not stop at cinema. Radios, YouTube playlists, supermarket shopping, evenings with friends … everywhere sung English is very simple and sounds like common background sound. A good exercise to improve yourself: Go and see the lyrics of the English music you are listening to.

Use a search engine to read them in any style you like. This simple exercise is suitable to enhance your overall understanding of spoken language. This will allow you to explore the richness of the language: misinterpretations, for example. You can also feel the differences in intuition associated with the accent, depending on the artist’s appearance. Exciting, and creating: Pretty coolIn short!

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6. YouTube

Web light

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As everyone knows you can find everything on YouTube. But what we often overlook is that some channels specialize in learning English! They allow you to see speakers from around the world and give you free lessons.

There are various videos to provide tips and advice for learning English quickly. They will hear “basic” phrases or horrible Scottish pronunciation. They will take care of improving your knowledge of language tenses, adverbs and nuances. There is (mostly) only good, but some of these chains are clearly visible.

Come on, let’s get wet: follow English Club Where English for you, Real tips.

7. Listen to podcasts in English

Tips for learning English: Listening to podcasts in English

Credit Photo: Shutterstock – Yuri Golub

In the generational journey, we want to help. We hope we can help you, for example, by giving you a selection of the best podcasts to learn English! These short audio formats take the form of digital radio broadcasts. Free, they will be useful to familiarize you with spoken English regardless of your status.

At best we can quote podcasts British Council, A British company. Podcasts Espresso English Will teach you a maximum of ten minutes. Becker accent reduction In the meantime, his purpose is to reduce … your accent. Ideal for passing you on as a true English speaker on your next trip!

8. Follow the UK influencers

Follow English influencers

Credit Photo: Shutterstock – Rawpixel.com

Influencers are everywhere on the networks of YouTube, Instagram, Snapshot, Facebook. Legion of people who can affect your English understanding. You need to follow those who share your interests!

Rather a game? ‘S stars Fitcam Their expert advice will provide you. Travel? Popular globots generate millions of views. Animals, Garden Center, Automobile? Same: Follow English Speakers Through Storefront … Well, on the Internet.

Anyway, you will find your happiness by following these. Hashtags and number Followers Help find that rare gem! Benefit? You can read and hear the real English we speak every day.

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9. Follow the media news of English speaking countries

Tips for learning English: Stay tuned to English-speaking media outlets

Credit Photo: Shutterstock – Kaspers Greenwalts

English is at the center of global geopolitics. What better way to learn English than by updating the news in English-speaking countries? The United States and the United Kingdom have listed news channels because of their key international role.

These include CNN, the BBC, Sky, and the Fox News Channel. Their content (and political orientation, sometimes) varies from one channel to another, but they each allow you to listen to speakers from around the world … which is perfect for completing your English!

10. Read books in English

Read books in English

Credit Photo: Shutterstock – Wachwit

Le Petit Prince, written by Saint-Xpuri, has been translated into nearly 300 languages, including English. If we tell you about it, learning English by rediscovering your classics is simple and effective. You will learn very quickly because you already know the story!

If the language of Shakespeare is similar to that of the writer, you can access many details not found in the French language. For example, this is the case with the Harry Potter series, The Lord of the Rings or 50 Shades of Gray.

11. Configure your electronic devices in English

English Learning Tips: Setting up your electronic devices in English

Credit Photo: Shutterstock – Denphotos

Phone or tablet, PC, kitchen appliance, automotive multimedia or 4K flat screen … Menus for configuring your electronic devices are all available in English.

Reading these in English will improve your vocabulary and vocabulary without even knowing it. Some technical words will surprise you: do not hesitate to search for their translation. Is your smartphone set to English?

12. Watch your favorite shows in English

Watch your favorite shows in English

Credit Photo: Shutterstock – Lensw0rId

Whether you are a fan of Co-Landa, Master Chef, The Voice, Ninja Warrior or Reality TV, know that your favorite shows have their English equivalent. Watching the UK or US version is guaranteed to make learning English easier.

The pronunciation and lexical field of voiceovers are understood by a large number of viewers. Candidates or participants, for their part, speak “their” English … real, everyday English. This is why we recommend watching your favorite shows in English. This is a great way to learn English and have fun!