April 20, 2024


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Wrong attempt by Englishman David Paul

Ship Express, The media boat of the race, the Englishman David Paul was thrown out of a bad situation.

Special envoy on boardExpress

When he was at the back of the pack at the end of the day on Tuesday, David Paul’s path (A dropLand racing management was interested. Her speed dropped from 7.5 knots to 1.5 knots. At 12:15 a.m., Francis Le Coupe, director of racing at Sea of ​​Britain, was contacted and explained that something was stuck in his hinge. Five minutes later, Express, The media boat was diverted to help him when he was 28 miles ahead of the unfortunate man.

At 2:45 a.m., the motor trimmed Express Figaro came close to Benetto 3 and noticed by his searchlights that a sliding net was attached to the keel. Conditions are complex and swell badly with 25 knots of air. Bob Escofier, the owner of the aid ship, decides to wait until daylight to intervene.

The move was initiated by Bob Escoffier as he explained: “There was a part of the night to think about how to proceed. In fact, we got as close as possible. We prepared a small grapple that we sent into the web and then allowed it to pull upside down. We were very lucky because the boat was released quickly. David Paul may resume his journey. The boat man will return to Lorient, 220 miles away. We hope to arrive before crossing the first line at 9:00 am on Thursday.

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This crash is similar to the one dropped in the first phase, but fortunately, the Figaro 3 did not suffer any obvious structural damage. The retention time following this drop is the time of the last assorted competitor in the first phase, which will add up to two hours.