April 17, 2024


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FIFA is pressuring English clubs to release their internationals

As English clubs have decided not to allow some of their foreign players to play in international matches in September in countries at high risk of corona virus infection, FIFA is asking them to reconsider their status.

“Together, we have faced great problems in the past, and we must continue to do so in the future.” In a statement released on Wednesday, FIFA boss Gianni Infondino stepped up to the plate after Premier League clubs decided to retain some of their foreign players during the upcoming international break, considering new health restrictions in the UK. These governments did not want to be allowed to play in international tournaments in September, avoiding the ten days of repeated isolation imposed by the British government in countries considered to be at high risk of corona virus pollution.

Liverpool have announced that Mohamed Salah will be retained by the Egyptian Federation – a country considered part of the “red list”. But according to Infantino, “making players available to the next international window is very urgent and important.” “I call on the unity of every member association, league and club to make fair and equitable world football. We believe that many of the best footballers on the planet play in England and Spain and share the responsibility. Preserving and preserving the sporting integrity of competitions around the world.” He insisted.

Infantino wrote to Boris Johnson

He even reveals that he wrote to British Prime Minister Boris Johnson about “restrictions on the isolation of soldiers returning to the UK after staying in the Red List”. Infantino is a clear way to put pressure on English clubs: “I asked him for the support he needed, especially as these players did not miss the opportunity to represent their country in the World Cup qualifiers. (…) I urge everyone to do everything they can to make international footballers available for the next qualifiers.

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The Premier League said, “There have been intense discussions with the English Federation and the government to find a solution, but due to current public health concerns about travelers from countries on the red list, no exceptions can be made.” “In light of Infantino’s rhetoric, English clubs may be subject to sanctions from FIFA.