July 14, 2024


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The two brothers imagine a way to learn English while watching movies

The two brothers imagine a way to learn English while watching movies

The two brothers, who hail from Permont and have traveled through Hollywood, have developed an app that allows the user to learn English while watching movies.

The French are no different from their level in English, which is a disaster we dare say. For example, an Ipsos poll for Forbes in 2019 reveals that 7 out of 10 French people consider themselves bad in Shakespeare’s writing and word of mouth. Paradoxically, France is the most synonymous country in Europe, especially in terms of consumption of American products.

With this in mind, two young Northerners started an application to learn English while watching movies. After working in the world of cinema in the United States, and especially in Hollywood, the two brothers, Corinthian and Claude Mormignon, originally from Berlin, near M மbez, had the idea of ​​using Anglo-Saxon cinema in its original version. , With English verses, as the vector of language.

“We quickly realized we had to find something other than tradition “Again and again,” explains Corinthian Myrignan. We can summarize our point in two words: Education through entertainment “. The first application based on ludopedology and camouflage (game application) was e-Dutainment.

The idea really is “Learning without realizing it and learning when it’s fun”, Clotaire Marmignon continues. After evaluating perfectly, with the help of a quiz, his English level, the learner chooses from about sixty pictures, the picture he wants to see, to answer the questions and to do the challenges. “E-learning also gives you the opportunity to transform your learning points into other things”, Refers to the currant.

This is the application interface.

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Global uniqueness

“We are the first beginners to learn English with Hollywood films released in theaters four months ago, Promises to Corinth. Paramount, Sony Pictures, NBC Universal: We have all their lists. This is the first time in the world that American education studios have partnered with a company for educational purposes. “.

The Northern Mystery Brothers thanked the Myriknon Brothers for their contacts in Hollywood, both of whom at the time worked in the film industry.

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All neurological studies have proven the effectiveness of video learning: motivation is increased tenfold and memorization is better: we have 50% of what we see and hear. “It’s a fun and easy way to learn”, Promises to Corinth.

Are Grants, Goals, Universities and Communities Appealing?

Because they want to democratize English learning, Corinthian and Claude Mormignon have imagined their casino learning site (in the form of a game) for both to learn everyday English and to advance in the vocabulary of its core business.

“Whether in engineering, journalism or business, today we have thousands of educational content that caters to the most specific subjects in an industry or an industry. For younger people, social themes such as discovering citizenship, French history or business are also available.”, Clarifies the clotaire.

This agile and hybrid tool is adaptable to the case with case appeals beyond the attribute individuals. Large schools, universities, but also communities use it to encourage the recent return of Formis (North) or Hotmond (North) citizens to employment. For individuals, the application is available for 11.99 per month.