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“The Walking Dead: Those Who Live” Ending Recap: Rick/Michonne meets the kids

“The Walking Dead: Those Who Live” Ending Recap: Rick/Michonne meets the kids

In Sunday's final The Walking Dead: Those who liveRichon removed the “im-” from “Mission: Impossible”.

While Michonne destroyed Jadis's file on Alexandria, Rick received a much-hyped Echelon briefing from Bill. The gist of it? Within 18 hours, CRM intended to steal some smart kids from Portland, then annihilate the city as it established itself as the most powerful force on the planet.

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Needless to say, our heroes wouldn't let that happen. So after Rick dispatched Bill, Michonne dragged Nat to prepare the CRM bombs to detonate, not Portland. Thorne tried to stop them and paid with her life. Only in the end did she admit that the married couples had “saved hope.”

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Then, in the final moments of “The Last,” Richonne is snapped away to be reunited with Judith and, in Rick's case, reunited with RJ “Are you the brave man?” asked the boy. Yes, Rick answered. “But maybe you can call me daddy.” (Sniff.) Here, to discuss with TVLine that exciting ending and emotional conclusion is co-creator, executive producer and leading lady Danai Gurira. (Also read the autopsy with TWD overlord Scott M. Gimple.)

TVLINE | that was completely the end! Was it always the plan for the series to end with Michonne and Rick having their kids?
Yes, any other way would be too dark. [Laughs] Not what we were hoping for in terms of an epic love story.

TVLINE | So there weren't conversations along the way about Michonne or Rick possibly dying a hero's death?
If there was one, I don't remember it, it was very brief. We really knew we had to show how empowered they were together. For them to go through all that trauma and tragedy for someone to die…that's very dark, even for them our Displays!

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TVLINE | Did you have some hope that we could see Michonne and Rick reunite with the whole gang in Alexandria?
We discussed that, and how to reconnect with everyone. But there were so many things to try and adapt to and so many things to try and arrange into existence. It would have taken two more episodes for the time to be given [it would have deserved] on the screen.

TVLINE | I'm not sure I can even count the number of times Michonne and Rick cheated death in this episode. Has anyone said, “Is this one explosion too many to survive?”
It's interesting, because in the end, you're dealing with a lot of things going on at once — big things. You shoot two episodes at the same time, sometimes going back and forth, [so] When you get to it [do-or-die] Moment, they figure it out and it all comes together. They cheat death, but it happens sometimes! [Laughs] Sometimes people survive things you don't expect them to survive.

TVLINE | Was it difficult for you and your colleagues Andrew Lincoln and Scott M. Gimple killing off characters like Jadis, Belle, and Thorne, knowing you might need them later?
definitely. And Jadis was an important part of our narrative in the final years of the show — and very unique in her ability to branch out into other spinoffs. But this is the thing that we had already given her a redemption story and she went the other way again, so her journey had to come to an end at some point. She couldn't be trusted to leave the Grimes family alone!

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TV Line | What was it like for you to reunite with Kylie Fleming (Judith) and Anthony Azor (RJ) after so long?
That was unbelievable. And I was really happy with my character, because all her concerns were about her kids' safety and, “Am I going to go away in a direction where I might never find Rick?” Meanwhile, are my children safe? So, for her to make the choices that she made and for them to come to fruition, for her to be able to have this moment and bring this man home to his children… I was really happy for Michonne.

TVLINE | RJ has evolved so much, I had to watch the credits to make sure it was the same actor.
he did! That's what kids do, and you can't stop them. But we were very happy to get it. It was great how he and Andy connected. I had never seen him so engaged as he was with Andy. He was fascinated by it!

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TVLINE | If this turns out to be the last time you play Michonne (here's everything we know about the story's potential continuation), will you be satisfied? Did you do everything with the character that you hoped for?
Yes, I had this amazing, wonderful opportunity to play this character and really explore it from so many angles. But people's stories can continue in different ways. I wouldn't say it's been explored at all bachelor way, but I definitely feel as if I ate a full meal. I'm so excited and so grateful to be playing her.

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