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Theater in English and German for Marl School and College students

Theater in English and German for Marl School and College students

Delphine Denis and Guillaume Hosy join students and their teacher Sandrine Debret. (© The Country Briard)

Roger-Berin Hall MontmealArrange the seats, burn the stage. In the seats of school and college students. Slowly the room darkens and the stage appears Guilloma Hosi. He is welcome School children And College students Hello to them Moliere languageBut a little warning : The actor will be the last Speak French In the scene. In fact, we find out Language play. Dolphin Tennis, Actress And older Language teacher To do UK, Coming to the stage. In a beautiful traditional German dress, she introduces herself : “ Lily Engel And Lily is in Berlin. Lily just talksGerman And he will take the children into a beautiful story through his acting Travel to Berlin. With a stage play and Magic, Duplex with her brother or in stage decorations, Lily allows children to play with help, because yes, this is an interactive piece. Below ComedyThe Actress Gives school and college students a fun and light piece that will not leave anyone without a smile on their face. Don’t we say that we learn better when we are in a good mood? ?

A full day theater

On the 15th The march begins with CP, CE1 and CE2 classes in the first half of the morning, followed by CM1 and CM2 in the 2nd in the morning. All of these children are from elementary school in Montmeal. In the morning it will be in English. These students will then be followed by others from CM1 and CM2, joining the 6th grade from Brie Champenoise College. This method is the German language method.

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These academic days are very carefully organized by the Globethéâtre57 Association on the one hand and the schools on the other. Prior to meeting with students, they will work with their teachers on a method provided by Globethéâtre57. Thus, they come to acting with a taste of what awaits them.

Special cast

Dolphin Denise was a teacher before dedicating his professional career to drama. So she has knowledge of both the scene and the class, which allows her a broader perspective. Guilloom, meanwhile, is a talented actor who presented his talents to the Dolphins for this duet on stage.

As Delphine Denise explains, the meeting that sparked the project was: “I had the opportunity to meet with Pascal Legout, an education consultant who encouraged this new practice. Combine learning and teaching with drama. These representations in our Moselle field are subsidized by the department. For now, in Marne, it’s the schools that are taking the initiative. ⁇

“Important,” he said of the two actors, “learning languages ​​while having fun. The kids here are having fun laughing.” The teachers tell their students the same story: “They come to these shows and go happily. This is an opportunity to select languages ​​to take.

So this is an effort where everyone is a winner. We bet the cast will return to new adventures soon, but Always in English und Deutsch bitte !

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