May 20, 2022


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Theater in English at Anne-Frank College

Prives-Sarenzak. From theater to Ann Frank in English. On Thursday, March 24, the 100th and fourth year students from Anne-Frank de Prives-Sarenzak College participated in an English drama program presented by the Irish company Pickles.

Piece titled Hot Sput (Hot Potato) added pride to the comedy and acting, allowing all students to immerse themselves in this ridiculous story that turned the life of a small Irish village upside down with the arrival of an alien.

Before presenting the play and as part of their “Euro” preference, they participated in a drama workshop in English with three English-speaking actors; All six students are mounted on boards.

The program aims to make up for the two-year absence of a traditional UK trip for fourth-graders.

Thanks to the talent and communication enthusiasm of three actors of British, Canadian and Australian descent, everyone enjoyed the experience.

Keep in mind that Anne-Frank College offers volunteer students the “Euro” option with hours of English in the form of games and programs. This option focuses on oral training with an English-speaking assistant.

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