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Swore.  Colombian, Songladian, English teacher and musician: A young woman who can do anything

Swore. Colombian, Songladian, English teacher and musician: A young woman who can do anything

Colombian, Sancladian, Language Teacher, Athlete, Musician … (Jura’s voice)

Meeting with Pavla Perot : Colombian, Sancladian, English teacher and musician. The background of a jack-of-all-trades young woman is not ordinary.

Born in Colombia 28 years ago. Pavla Perot After being adopted by his mother, he came to France at the age of 3 St. Claude. She spent her childhood and schooling in the city of Pipes, in which she has fond memories, especially to the side of nature, where she was part of the association. Friends of nature.

Despite being abroad for some time in Lyon, he returns to the Hot Jura Department to see his relatives.

English, Spanish, Japanese

In fact, after receiving his Bac L (Literature) at Pré Saint-Sauveur High School in Saint-Claude, Paola, like many young people, went on to study linguistics in English, Spanish and Japanese near the capital, Gaul. Why the Japanese?

Quite simply I love this language, thanks to its completely different culture, which fascinated me. And his writing, very particularly, already dreamed of me through its sound. I have never been to this country, but I have been thinking about it.

Pavla Perot, Saint-Claude

Palo speaks Japanese language, When trying to deepen the study.
She is self-employed and speaks other languages. She teachesEnglish As
Bac ++ as a freelance teacher in public elementary schools, staff institutions and business schools. The trick is over.

Paradoxically, our curious Paula touches on another form of expression of the mind. She gets involved Kung Fu, 3 to 4 times a week. You guessed it, our chosen friend is a sensitive and artistic soul, he is always really hungry for music.

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Emerging Artist, Poetry of the Lungs, has released a disc

Of course, this beautiful person with a clear intellectual interest is a musician. He practiced this art from an early age at the Music Conservatory in Saint-Glot. And,
No doubt she did not choose a casual tool because of that Cross flute He had been in love with her for 12 years.

Videos: Currently on Actu

At the same time, he was part of a youth group. The Stud’Z “, Especially at La Fraternell and a reggae band” Reggae roots “In Lyon, he was for a while part of a classical creationLyon 3 Philharmonic Band, Always on the cross flute, but the pleasure of playing changed with the severity of the technique in trying the piano.

Classical, Rap, Swing …

In short, if she had not introduced herself, all of this would have been much simpler
Music system. This young multi-instrumentalist (piano, cross flute and electronic instrument) later created a world of variety of music influenced by classical, rap, swing, pop and film music.


Musician and composer Lung’s poems from his childhood (from his artist name: Poem of the Lungs) has just released his first song “The Golden Kingdom”.

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