May 20, 2024


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Le Monde launches version of its site in English

Le Monde launches version of its site in English

Daily hopes to reach an English-speaking readership to reach the target of one million subscribers by 2025.

The world Opens to other parts of the world. The Commonwealth Daily French starts this Thursday, April 7th ”World in French», A copy of its news site, in English. This is for English speakers ”Those looking for an alternative in European and international news, politics, environmental crisis, economy or culture “, Louis Dreyfus, chairman of the group’s management board, explained The world.

This glass base is provided by the same articles published in the classic edition of Media. Before being sent to editorial offices in Paris and Los Angeles, they were translated from French into English by two US agencies, and Lionbridge. A team of dedicated journalists is responsible for reviewing, enriching, and editing lessons. Subscribers will benefit from the daily newsletter.

Total audience

The aim of the newspaper is to mobilize visitors outside France. A press release from the group states that it seeks to attract the attention of existing readers. “United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, Belgium and Luxembourg“. All aimed at gaining new digital subscribers. The world It aims to reach the index milestone of one million paper and internet subscribers by 2025. ACPM had 375,500 digital subscribers daily, as of February 2022, according to statistics.

This is not the first time a newspaper headline has tried to translate its articles into other languages. The New York Times Has already paved the way, as of November 2021 it had over one million subscribers overseas.

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