July 13, 2024


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There are more GTA 5s in circulation than French and English!

There are more GTA 5s in circulation than French and English!

The success of GTA 5 is not ready to stop. Almost a decade after its launch, the title continues to be an absolute success. Here are the latest absolutely colossal sales figures.

Nine years after its release, GTA 5 Constantly reaching heights. If the players eagerly waiting for GTA 6 are completely exhausted by its numerous releases, the game continues to sell on the boards.

Biggest sale for GTA 5

It’s official. There are now more copies of GTA 5 in circulation than the French, British and Belgians combined. During its financial report for the last quarter, Take Two took a look at the sales figures for its cash cow. As of 2013, Grand Theft Auto 5 has sold over 170 million copies. PS5 and Xbox series versions Shows have already sold 5 million copies, which is pretty impressive for another release.

To keep these Colossal figures For perspective, you should know that England, France and Belgium have more than 146 million people. This is less than the number of copies of GTA 5 in circulation in the world. Meanwhile, Rockstar continues to line its bags for GTA Online, whose figures for the last fiscal quarter have yet to be released. The online component of the game will have regular content through special weeks and new updates. GTA 6 is preferred Regardless, several projects have reportedly been canceled to focus on efforts to produce the studio’s next hit.

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