May 21, 2024


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Soul Hackers 2 reveals its English voice broadcast

Soul Hackers 2 reveals its English voice broadcast

“Atlas features the English cast of Soul Hackers ™ 2, the creators of the critically acclaimed series Shin Megami Tensei ™, Catherine Person and Persona ரில், in a new trailer.

Soul Hackers 2 Features:

Megan Harvey for Ringo

Erica Mendes for the film

Sock Aguilar to the arrow

Erica Lindbeck for Miladic

Griffin Powell to Syso

Edward Bosco for Raven

Chris Hockney for Kapuraki

Sarah Williams for Jack Frost / I-How

Patrick Seeds to Victor

Christian La Monte, director of English Voices

Soul Hackers 2 will be released on August 26, 2022 on PlayStation®5, Xbox Series X | S, but also on PlayStation®4, Xbox One and PC. Pre-orders already exist.

Humans bathed in neon light were lost in endless technological advances, which led to their downfall. Out of sight, a battle develops between the warlord and the demonic association. Demon callers who use the powers of these creatures.

In the ocean of digital data around us, collective thoughts have physically become a complete organism called the “ion”. Observing humanity from a distance, Ion calculates that the end of the world is near and creates two agents to prevent it from happening: Ringo and Image.

Aion’s agents all go together to investigate and prevent this famous butterfly effect that could lead the world to its end.

About Soul Hackers 2:

Disaster: Play as Ringo, one of Aion’s agents, to save humanity from disaster and explore the end of the world.

Between occult and science fiction: Discover the supernatural RPG lurking in the neon lights of cyberpunk Japan, surrounded by dark dangers, with breathtaking summons.

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Remote Power: Recruit monsters and unlock fusion suits to create more powerful ones. Use their deadly abilities to challenge your opponents in incredible battle scenes.

Memories and Inquiry: Strengthen your bond with your teammates and explore the depths of their psyche. You can retrieve their past adventures and discover the hidden truths behind their stories … and yours.

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