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These five Englishmen who cover up the economic language

These five Englishmen who cover up the economic language

An excerpt from the film Great shorts By Adam McGee © Jaap Buitendijk / Bridgeman Images

“Greenwashing”, “Stop and Go”, “Traders” … Le Figaro The economic vocabulary comes back to these formulas borrowed from the flowering English language.

Economic vocabulary has become an important component of understanding current events and developing in some professional circles. However, financial and entrepreneurial discourses are full of English language, and its meaning may be unclear to anyone who does not open an economics textbook. Although there are many equivalents, they multiply. The Figaro Invites you to familiarize yourself with some of these English words from the field of economics that have established themselves in the French vocabulary

Hedge funds

Hedge fund refers to an investment fund that engages in security investments against market fluctuations. There is a parallel to French, but it can be confusing: when reading the translation “Fonts de Coverture” Hedge funds Especially dangerous. Keep in mind that this term refers to one type of company that is increasingly present in many markets.

Shadow Bank

The European Central Bank’s pet peeve, “shadow bank” or “collateral banking system” refers to “institutions or activities that participate in the financing of the economy but operate outside the traditional banking system” (Bank of France). Efforts for joint ventures, for example, are part of the “shadow bank”.


Famous for the film by Martin Scorsese The Wolf of Wall Street, The figure of the “businessman” (individual working in the financial markets) embodies the myth of a successful life in the financial world. The word was adopted in common parlance, replacing its French equivalent “Cordier”.

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Stop and go

We speak of “stopping growth” when a state or central bank changes the phases of the stimulus and the phases of the stimulus to control inflation. A French expression makes it possible to trigger the same phenomenon, but it has gradually disappeared since the 1970s: we are talking about “growth under the tree”.


“Green washing”, in French, refers to the implementation of companies’ environmental whitening “, the restructuring of its marketing activities and its relevance toward ecological stabilization. For example, we often read that companies in the food or clothing industry use “green washing” to offset highly polluting product choices. These strategies are often carried out by large companies with the aim of restoring their brand image.