May 20, 2024


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Job topics in English: How to navigate?

Job topics in English: How to navigate?

Junior Analyst, Managing Director, Senior Producer, Facility Manager – More and more job titles are in English, and it is not always easy to understand what they mean, Notice it Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung. The German newspaper describes the event as follows:

“There are so many different types of work degrees today, and most of them are due to two different trends being in English. The first trend is the ever-increasing expertise of professionals. The second is related to the internationalization of the labor market. As a result, more and more specific topics are created, on the other hand, English is being used more and more.

Constanze Wiedermann, a career trainer at human resource consulting firm Südpool, points out that often completely different topics are not identical to similar positions.

Generally, in English these topics combine rankings, fields, specialties or professions Bachelor of Finance Specialist : We know what field and seniority it is (less than three years). Senior Appoint those with more than three years of experience. Word Manager Apparently refers to an executive role, but keep in mind that in Germany it is similar to a department head. Leadership Below is the director. But beware, in Germany it is generally equivalent to a general manager. According to Constanze Wiedermann, once employees arrive at the office, they should not hesitate to adjust their title, even in English, if their functions have changed. Of course, this dialogue with his hierarchy is often linked to the demand for promotion and production. It’s money and recognition, but the question of prestige, Constance Weatherman insists. “Above all, our work title is part of our professional identity.”

Malchus Kern, who co-operates with Kirschwerk, an online marketing agency, says it is good that companies are not abusing job titles in English, which we do not understand. He quotes them Good manager And Facility Manager For example. The first is very vague and does not give a clear idea of ​​the tasks. Second, the word “protector” is only a trendy word. Even more absurd, we cTo the king For editorial posts or Office Acrobat To an assistant! “Companies often want to be cool, but it doesn’t really work” Says Kern. And they will lose good candidates, which is very unfortunate because the country is experiencing a shortage of skilled labor. “Good job titles are common job titles”, He adds. Let’s keep it simple. After all, recruitment is a matter of communication.

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