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These English words have no counterpart in the French language

You may have already heard of this linguistic preference: French is a much richer language than English. While it is true that orally, hexagons follow very different terms, English has almost twice as many entries in its dictionary: any translation of the source with these few words pulls the hair out!


Superficial Superficial material. But there is a catch. Superficially, in English, explicitly translates: we will say Superficial. So, we can qualify someone with a mild, global concern of two epithets. However, for this A shallow river, If not “superficial”, is not an equivalent adjective in the French language.


In colloquial terms this can be compared to “creeping”. But these two terms differ in the subtlety they bring. Creepy Creepy, mixes bad, bizarre ideas … but the British will use it in less serious contexts as well. If this word applies a lot to the world of horror movies or video games, one can also make a little facial expression. Creepy (It makes you uncomfortable charcoal), but he will also tell you about a man who has unhealthy behavior towards women. CreepyHowever, there is nothing to do. ” I’m a crawler, I’m a weirdo இருந்து From Radiohead with a singer looking for his place in this world … incomprehensible!


Again, maybe Tham York can help us a little. “ I do not belong here “I mean, a little too much,” I’m not here “… but in this context, accuracy makes it impossible to translate again: Belong to Having relationships, being in one’s place, being in a place, having a certain legal character belonging to a community …

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One Toddler, He is a young child, he often begins to learn to walk. So we will strike Toddler About 2 years old. The snake can be used in French, but where Toddler As a toddler, conversation is not always true. The expression “toddler” comes to us, but it is very vague.

– Feedback

Here, we have a more or less relevant translation: Return. You can even say in English, “I’m going back to you,” and I’m coming back to you. Feedback “But again, the meaning is not exactly the same: in my review of a document, for example,” This is well argued. “. The feedback is much more complete and comprehensive than that! You can expect pages of commentary and analysis about the benefit of your labor. Again, we can summarize it by revealing that an income can be a Feedback But no two words are alike.

– Scalable

If I provide you with a qualified business model ScalableA real compliment to the entrepreneurial world, I mention to you its evolutionary nature. But this evolution is done unconditionally, arbitrarily: it embodies a genuine idea of ​​autonomy and adaptation … a whole bunch of different qualifications, briefly considering the British as one concept, Scalable.

– Safe

This is well known and we understand the concept of security behind it. This protection can be physical, emotional, and healthy ( To stay Safe Were the watchwords of the epidemic civilization) … some ” Safe In a match (not deleted), or with caution.

– Disorder

Here, we are dealing with a massive disorder, a “bazaar”. The Disorder This collection of scattered objects actually represents, in short, a ” bric-a-brac “And one” Scattering “But it can also refer to the action used as a verb to create this crash state, for example.” I scattered my living room .

– Hype

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Some translation sites translate it as “exaggeration”. But a Exaggeration It’s not just the media or advertising: it’s the general excitement about a trend, a fashion, a particular or more expensive product … The word is often used in English because of the lack of hexagonal parallels.

– Excess

“Not necessarily” may be the most appropriate translation. Too much, It is useless, exaggerated, too much …

– mistakes

In French, when we go to buy food or other things we need, we often “bet” once or in the plural. The word evokes the same idea in some ways Jobs, But with an improper business logic in English: if I want to go to the grocery store, but to help a friend a little on the way to the post office, I’m going to do some work. The British are sometimes unparalleled pragmatism in their language!

– Siblings

A sibling is simply a sibling. So this term is synonymous with these two non-gender terms, and if you want to inspire a bigger sibling, it is very practical to ask someone if they have brothers and / or sisters. Or if we want to see ourselves Sibling Who does not recognize these binary types!

– Successful

Successful Let’s talk about someone who has accomplished in his life, who succeeds well in the work he takes on … in short, who succeeds. Across the channel, there is no surprising adjective to transcript this idea!

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