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Top 14 – Montpellier’s New English Prodigy No. 8 Who are you, Zack Mercer?

This is the story of a wonderful story that was blocked by the coach’s choices and blocked by the matches. For the most competitive number 8 England, Zach Mercer With Rose’s XV he never really had a chance in his young life, Satisfied with 2 small caps collected in the fall of 2018. It’s true, Eddie Jones is less skilled at turning his staff around, he knows him well, and always wants him (like the equally great Simmonds and Dombrand) to be like the big guy. Billy Vunipola Guide the back of his scrum. It is true that Mercer is not a physical monster (1 m 90 per 111 kg). On the other hand Leeds native it has the perfect personal technique, excellent job placement and sense of time and average qualities of speed and movement. In short, what a “great rugby player” really is!

Video. First level. The biggest ego fracture of Marx Smith was taken by Zach MercerThe qualities that have made him one of the best residents of Premiership in recent seasons. When your existence changes Welsh mythology Talube Fledov On the side of the third line (86 choices), because you are not morally a painter … His 19 Test All 60 league games since his debut (in 2016) confirm this. But not only is this an excellent bowler, Mercer also stands out for his complete profile; The 24-year-old Englishman is still very close, good at ground game and very reliable on the cover. Read Kieran Than Cicero Coyote. Other than that, he has a certain background! Here are 3 things to know about him:

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He may have been Scottish international

If Mercer had been born and lived his early years in Yorkshire and Humber, he and his family would have left the perennialsScotland When he was 8 years old. This is how Zack grew up on the land of Scots, doing all his rugby limits and integrating, as a large team, the academy Glasgow. He became a Scottish U16 international there, before finally returning to the UK in 2015 Bath Offers a contract to send him back.

He was the captain of the English U20s

It did not take long for him to return to his home country and adapt to third-row English rugby. In the process, he was immediately selected with the UK U18, then the U20. In 2017, during the World Cup Georgia, He will also be appointed captain of the team that will lose the final against the Baby Blocks. A crack, we tell you!

He has a Mari descent

As we told you, Mercer is considered one of England’s greatest talents, even before his professional debut with Bath. All this thanks to his “excellent”, sleek, complete player profile with “good hands”. The qualities that appear natural to this boy who has a blue helmet permanently screwed on his head. Intrinsic, really? It wouldn’t really be surprising to learn that both of Sox ’parents have touched (very) high levels New Zealand. His mother was international with so-called Black Ferns. As we learn about New Zealand training, Mercer may have benefited from a tradition of coaching champions of this sport in the Block of Blocks later in England, and later became a popular coach throughout the channel. Like it or not, some people may have better genes than others …

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MHR Sock Mercer explains his choice between Montpellier and XV de la RoseMHR Sock Mercer explains his choice between Montpellier and XV de la Rose