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Test Great Ace Lawyer Daily requires a very high level of English

I don’t think I have proper English, but in writing, I think my reading level is good enough to take advantage of Visual novel, Are explained in the form of these novels Video game. In France, adherents of this main category have no localization in French, and the European market is not profitable enough to justify the cost of such translation.

The terrible thing is that many players, including myself, were introduced to this genre by defense lawyer ‘Simulation’. Phoenix Wright: Ace Lawyer. The game was originally released in GBA in 2001, and when it was ported to the DS in 2005 it acquired the French version. In addition, localization is offered for three live packages.

Unfortunately, they will benefit last. With publisher Capcom’s own permission, the following two games (and until the end of the series) will be released throughout Europe in Shakespeare’s language because of the low sales of the first sale.

In “The Great Ace Attorney Chronicles” you have to scrutinize the crime scene from top to bottom to find new evidence. Capcom

Nevertheless, it is unreasonable to slander only the publisher. Duncanronba, Zero Escape, Steins; Kate, Famicom Detective Club : There are many works of the same Ilkin here, fans know that this is officially an English only translation. So by sharpening their English the public of these games were welcomed with the most descriptive value The Great Ace Lawyer Chronicle, Derived from the double chapter Ace Lawyer Traditional, finally released from the archipelago for its first Western voyage.

The good level of English is higher than ever

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Except for the proposed translation: aie, aie, aie! It pours. As this type of writing quality is very important, do not often mistakenly think that it is the best. Rather, it came from the background describing the problem, the late Victorian London.

Our hero, Ryunosuke Naruhodo, a young student in Japan opens to the west and is sent to Great Britain to learn English law and, eventually, to play the role of a lawyer.


The dialogues in “The Great Ace Attorney Chronicles” are at least as telling. Especially when discrepancies are detected. Capcom

We got used to the colorful writing on the license. Great Ace Lawyer Chronicle The exceptions are notables, bankers, “bobbies” (English police officers), ex-soldiers, but workers, artisans, coaches, pickpockets and the more or less pronounced accent and slang of the audience. We are different from the English who were punished by the nobles and abused by the famous and working classes. Regardless of the specific lexical field of the Irish or Scots. The real panorama you need to relax.


Some of the characters in “The Great Ace Attorney Chronicles” speak with accent, which makes the sentences difficult to understand for those who are embarrassed in English. Capcom

As with previous Ace lawyers, the player must find discrepancies between the evidence in the case and the statements of witnesses. The best! Tests in Great Lawyer Chronicles Sometimes they ask the arbitral tribunal to persuade them by setting their decisions against each other. In other words, a good understanding of the intuition of the scene is often very precise and important.

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The wonder of the times and the fun glamor of the characters

However, all of this is a long warning for a less super game. The selected period is wonderful in some Japanese scenes and most of the events that take place in London.

All the aesthetics specific to the Meiji era and the Victorian era – which are reminiscent of the Steampung literary current – are obviously beautiful. The same goes for the recording, which is generously fed with accordion, double bass and violins. Some of the most successful Japanese themes remind the player that the protagonist and kimono’s assistant, Susato, is far from home.


The easiest way to discredit a witness in the “Great Ace Attorney Chronicles” is to oppose the sources for the statements during cross-examination. Capcom

This amazing idiot of Herlock Shomes (no spelling of that name) must constantly correct its results without fail, as well as his guardian and biographer Iris Wilson, who already holds a doctorate and is a top inventor of her ten springs. This is strength Ace Lawyer : Ability to create dynamics between cartoonish characters, but very endearing.

Photography was the help of Herlock Shomes, despite his distant results

Despite his far-reaching results, Herlock Shomes’ help is particularly valuable in “The Great Ace Attorney Chronicles”. Capcom

The cases only seem unbalanced at times: some offer only one trial, others offer an isolated trial … Phoenix Wright’s adventures both took place systematically at the same time, and that’s what happens over several days.

Inherent flaw in the chosen period is that in some cases of insanity there is no business. But this series is usually due to the lack of desired tech gadgets. Finally, the most substantial lifespan of the title, which actually offers two games of this side saga, a total of ten cases, i.e. double Ace Lawyer செந்தரம்.

In “The Great Ace Attorney Chronicles”, your last lawyer as your lawyer will show the discrepancies between the judges’ decisions when they are against your client. Capcom

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When will the Ace Attorney return in French?

Still, I couldn’t help but notice that Capcom’s approach was frustrating. Frustration, because the joy of finally being able to get your hands on an episode like this will be spoiled a bit by the thought that it will take some time and gain energy, except for those who already have experience in fitness in France. Destroy the dense English of this original and wonderful Opus. For the democratization of the genre, we will return.

However, for those who want to find an accessible French speaking legal adventure, we advise them to return. Phoenix Wright: Ace Lawyer Trio It brings together the first three games of the series in a polished version, please in Moliere language.

Tested on the PC version provided by the publisher. “The Great Ace Attorney Chronicles” is also available on the PS4 and Nintendo Switch.