May 22, 2024


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These societies teach English at low cost

These societies teach English at low cost

This is quite the topic as the current Minister of National Education, Bob Ndiaye, declared a few days ago that the English language of our college students is “not satisfactory”.

When we look at the rankings, we can say to ourselves that France is 31st among the best English-speaking countries in the world, and that’s not so bad. But when we see that in Europe we are 24th out of 35 … It is already bad. The 3 regions where English is most spoken in France are Occitanie, Pays de la Loire and Ile-de-France.

Training or retraining in English and at low cost

If you’re comfortable with the idea of ​​learning online, check this out British Council France , an association that offers audio segments, texts, videos and more than 2000 interactive exercises. It is a good site and completely free.

If you want face-to-face, you can turn to associations in the field… for example, I foundPedestrian Association in the GirondeA weekly lesson costs 32 euros as an annual membership… In Palma, we stay at Occitania… I foundECPA To learn how to manage while traveling “listening, understanding and speaking English”… 290 euros per year.

The same spirit in the Society of Lance (Pyrenees Atlantic) ” House » It asks for 75 euros per period.. It is already a bit expensive but far from the standards… And these are conversation classes that you are offered, so to learn English to use in everyday life ..

An association in Paris also offers many English courses and for all levels

l’Phylotechnical Association In the 5th arrondissement, courses on very specific topics such as written or oral expression, phonetics, dialogue… and attractive prices: 30 to 50 euros per year. The only problem: there isn’t much space in the weekly courses.

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In any case: if an association is not involved in language learning, English or any other language for that matter, look around. One last thing for the road: Toulouse the association speak These are free courses and annual membership for 50 euro!

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