April 20, 2024


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They learn English and French in a grocery store

They learn English and French in a grocery store

Citizens' association Tous Groupe au Vigeant has decided to break the language barrier by offering linguistic exchanges, in the form of conversations between locals and Anglo-Saxons who have recently or arrived in the territory.

A big challenge, but absolutely necessary to understand each other, exchange ideas or practice some activity or work together. Especially the first one“Today, Anglo-Saxon newcomers are eager to learn our language, unlike the first wave that arrived a few years ago” says Véronique from Poite, one of the participants of the English-French courses who came for the first time with her two sisters.

Advance quickly and make friends

The originality of this learning is that two languages ​​and two peoples live: English and French. The course consists of a third of French people like Véronique: “I want to speak English fluently, my husband is bilingual and when we travel, he is always the one to communicate, that needs to change! » she says with a smile. Two-thirds of the Anglo-Saxons, like Peter and Gill, adopted Saint-Martin residents and native South Africans: We know French vocabulary and grammar, but pronunciation is too difficult for us, even in mobile apps like Duolingo, so these live conversations are perfect for making quick progress and meeting future friends. »

A far cry from the traditional classroom Third place is Les Cageots Local In Vigeant that serves as a framework for learning. There, there were no offices, but a large table with a red and white cotton tablecloth and the drinks we ordered at the counter. A bar restaurant is part of it open space (open space), where there is a small lounge area and a unity grocery store. The structure is set! Original and unexpected. Like a trainer who works in two-hour sessions. The linguist for the occasion, but general poet and author of many works, is Patricia Bassi-Belval, Millacoise by adoption. Positively, smilingly, encouraging the fifteen participants, Patricia explains: There's no judgement, I'm not pressured, and everyone is happy with it. Ideal for removing blockages. »

An example of successful learning is a citizen association, thanks to the close collaboration of a third place and a creative practitioner, loyal to the tradition of welcoming and open to others in a village historically without borders.

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Language Exchanges offered by Doos Group Association. Contact: Tel.
The next classes will be held on Friday March 15th and 22nd, 2024 from 2pm to 4pm at the local cageots, 36, rue du 4-Août, Le Vigeant. Free entry.