April 12, 2024


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Reynadis announced in Europe, but only in English…

Reynadis announced in Europe, but only in English…

Discover the brand new action RPG from Nis America!

NIS America Happy to announce its brand new dark action RPG, Reynadis. Get the game Fall 2024 On Nintendo Switch™, PS4®, PS5® and Steam®! Discover a realistic reconstruction of Tokyo's Shibuya, directed by Takumi. The ultimate showdown between magic and order is set to take place amid an imaginative urban setting and captivating atmosphere.

About the game:

Reynadis An action RPG set in the painstakingly recreated streets of Shibuya, Tokyo. In a world where fantasy meets reality, the citizens of Shibuya fear magic and its power, forcing wizards to hide their superhuman abilities or face the oppression around them.

To pursue freedom, the wizard Marin travels to Shibuya, where he meets Sari, an agent of the MEA dedicated to keeping witches under control. Hide your magic to explore the city, go shopping or complete quests as a normal citizen. Use your explosive power to reach new places and fight anyone who stands in your way. Fight for what you believe in in this stylish and haunting RPG from director Takumi and enjoy an authentic soundtrack produced by Yoko Shimomura!

Game details :

  • Liberty vs. Order: Mentor Marin and Officer Sari find themselves on opposite ends in a conflict that will shake the world to its foundations. Enjoy a gripping story that addresses oppression, conflicting ideals and the price of freedom.
  • City of Secrets: Roam the streets of Shibuya, choosing to remain hidden between talking to the public, shopping, accepting quests, or revealing your true nature and using feared inhuman powers. Your journey will take you to another alternate world, a fantasy landscape full of hideous monsters and dark secrets to uncover.
  • Force and Magic: Switch freely between evolving maneuvers in the mode Deleted And use magic to deal burst damage in mode released. Each of the 6 playable characters has their own unique abilities, from summoning to aerial attacks.
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Information :

  • Title: Rayandis
  • Release Date: Fall 2024
  • Platforms: Nintendo Switch™, PS4®, PS5®, Steam®
  • Genre: Action RPG
  • Players: 1
  • Text Language: English
  • Audio Language: Japanese
  • Author: NIS America, Inc..
  • Developer/Licensee: FURYU Corporation