April 12, 2024


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Learning English is not far from pens and notebooks

Learning English is not far from pens and notebooks

After starting teaching English a year ago, Assumption School is organizing a course from February 26 to 28 dedicated to learning the language in a fun way. Eight students responded. immersion.

From Friday February 23, that's it, holidays in Bragaard! Well almost. This is because while some young people stay with families or participate in thematic activities organized by leisure centers, others never actually leave school. At Assumption, eight students from CP to CE2 follow a Linguistics course from Monday 26 February to Wednesday 28 February. Learning Shakespeare's language without pencils or correction lessons. “It's brand new,” explains Clemens Liger, administrative assistant. “For us, it is important that they have fun speaking English. This course allows you to do it in a small group, because we learn better. »

Monday is dedicated to reading a story, playing a game, learning a song and making paper hats, Tuesday morning is reserved for a more delicious activity: preparing the usual breakfast. A hearty dish made with bacon, tomatoes, mushrooms, eggs, toast and sausage.

Please in English!

Or should it have been said on the spot: “Bacon, Tomatoes, Mushrooms, Eggs, Toasts and Sausage”. “It's easier for them to learn vocabulary words like 'green', 'red', 'in', 'on,'” explains Loris Moussa, associate supervisor of the English teacher internship.

This seems to be confirmed by listening to the children talk to themselves or when they answer Loris's questions. Besides, what do they think about these activities? “It's really good,” Mathis, Louis, Soren, Antoine and Leandre cheered, happy to have made the hats and impatient to start tasting them. This comes after a good hour spent behind the stove, around a small table set in the middle of the room.

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This fun mini-exercise will end this Wednesday by demonstrating the knowledge gained in front of the parents. A second similar course, but aimed at CM1 and CM2, is already planned for the April holidays. If it works, they can be implemented during other school breaks as well.

Dominique Lemoine

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