December 9, 2023


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This AI lets you improve your English by watching YouTube videos

This AI lets you improve your English by watching YouTube videos

(ETX Daily Up) – Artificial Intelligence is revolutionizing all applications on the Internet. Today, thanks to auto-generated quizzes from any YouTube video, it’s even possible to learn English while having fun.

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Listening offers an original method of learning English, answering auto-generated quizzes from any online video (in English, of course). TED conferences, TV interviews, movie trailers or video clips, everything is an excuse to learn while having fun.

How it works

Listening is child’s play. Simply select a video on YouTube in English and copy/paste its link into the dedicated field on the AI ​​website. You can watch it and answer the three questions that appear above, all of which are addressed in the video. Regardless of the type of video, the platform automatically generates a full range of multiple-choice questions, each time justifying the correct answer with a quote extracted from the video. The idea here is to make learning English a pleasant and unique experience.

How much does it cost?

It is completely free and does not require registration. Enjoy!

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