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With Brady Gomes, English is “in the pocket” at Saint-Dizier-Masbaraud

With Brady Gomes, English is “in the pocket” at Saint-Dizier-Masbaraud

English-born Brady Gomes, who came to Cruise at the age of 3, is bilingual and has developed GB language services. It offers translator, translation and private lessons services.

Listening to him, it reminds me that Brady Gomez is of English descent. She was only three years old when her parents went to Cruz in search of wide open spaces and nature. Between practicing French at school and practicing English at home, the girl quickly learned to juggle between the two languages. A skill quickly put to good use. “My father had a real estate business but did not speak French very well. Very early, I started going with him to his professional meetings and from the age of 10-11, I continued to work as his translator.

Winner of the pitch competition

A career was born. In doing so, Brody worked successively at the tourism offices of Gómez, Ahun and Bourganeuf.

After years of admiring the beauty of the department, the young woman wanted to develop her own activity, as a translator and interpreter, private lessons in English or French for English speakers. “When I was at the reception of the tourist office, I was often asked to act as a translator or interpreter. So, I said to myself: “Why not go all the way?” “.

Not the type of young woman to do things by halves, she obtained a CELTA from the University of Cambridge, a diploma confirming her ability to teach English to children and adults. Proof that the project was well put together was that Brady Gomes was one of the winners of a pitch competition organized by BGE and ADIE at Cruise on Business Development. As a good translator, she knows very well how to translate her idea in the three minutes given to her.

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In Sandra Clark's workshop, Briton was inspired by the seed that chose the cruise

GB Language Services, the name of his company, officially saw the light of day in Saint-Dizier-Masbaraud on October 2: “I left the Chambre des Métiers with my registration and a big smile,” recalls Brady Gomes. After three months, the first evaluation is very satisfactory: “The activity has grown much faster than I thought. Many of these are homework, especially for people who need to acquire specific vocabulary in English as part of their work, and support lessons for school students. I benefit from a partnership with the Masbaraud-Mérignat school, which allows me to have a room in Bourganeuf and offer low-cost group workshops for children aged 2 to 6 and children aged 7 to 11.

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Become a certified translator

For Brady Gomez, the next step is now creating the interpretive part. “I'm going to submit my application to the Court of Limoges as a sworn translator. This will allow me to work with the Gendarmerie for official documents…, he says. I want to create joint workshops for adults around thematic vocabulary like health, for example.