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10 sentences to practice the grammar topic

10 sentences to practice the grammar topic

Major-Prépa offers you a great classic to practice grammar theme test. It is ideal for reviewing some grammar concepts and a useful dictionary. Whether you decide to take Ecricome or not, at LV2 or LV1, writing some grammar theme sentences every now and then is one of the best ways to top grammar for competitive exams. If you've done a lot of Ecricome themes, you've no doubt noticed that the contests fall back on the same traps and grammar concepts every year! Also, a tip for preparing your revisions before competitions is to file your errors, that way, you only have to re-read your files with all the comments and all the pitfalls to avoid!

Grammar topic sentences to translate

1) This is a first for France.

2) He has lived here for over 30 years, which is a long time for a change.

3) We were shown a photograph of my great grandmother with her friends. How young they were!

4) People would have seen the criminal escaping from the police.

5) When I have enough money, I will buy a car.

6) When will you come to see me?

7) This aunt who loves sports, her son is a lawyer, is very funny.

8) There are three spiders in my room!

9) I like to eat cake. Is there anything left?

10) Louis XIV became King of France in 1643.

Extensive editing

1) It was my first time to France.

In the sentence to be translated, the speaker takes all instances of “going to France” and, as you know, when taking the part, you must use Present perfect (want +_IN) once you find out This is the first timeSo you should use Present perfect. If the sentence is in the past tense, remember to respect the tenses (It was my first time there) If you are having trouble understanding these tenses, you can read this article on past tense. An additional difficulty is that the sentence contains an irregular verb (To be/to be, to be/to be), you must not make a mistake in this, because you will be severely punished.

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2) He's lived here for over 30 years and it's time for him to move.

We like to use to convey the idea that the person lived here uninterruptedly Present perfect Inside Be + ing. To translate “from” into English, there are two options: from Or for. If we have a starting point, we will be supportive fromIf it's a question of duration, we'll be supportive for. attention, That's a lot of time + The past tense is a sentence to remember. In fact, we always use the past tense to talk about someone other than you That's a lot of time.

3) We were shown a photo of my great grandmother with some friends. How young they were!

Be careful, to translate “on” into English, you must often use the passive. You should also pay attention to the verb program It is irregular. as A photograph An inanimate, we use which.

4) People reportedly saw the accused fleeing from the police.

If you have a condition in French, you don't always have to translate it that In English. The sentence to be translated is “the accused is considered to have been seen by the people […] “. Therefore, we must use something that represents the idea of ​​possibility. For example, we can use will be said, It is reported that, It is It seems that… In sentences of this type, we do not know whether the event happened or not, while in sentences where we use should that, the event is never executed. In I wanted to go to Germany, I didn't go to Germany. The second point we need to focus on is the irregular plural person East People.

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5) When I want Enough money, I will buy a car.

Be careful with future adverbs (“when”, “soon”…), we use the future in French but the present in English. On the other hand, in the part of the sentence without future tense phrase, we use future tense.

6) When will you come and see me?

This is the only exception to the future rule. With a future tense phrase, if the form of the sentence is in question, we can use and must use desire.

7) This aunt of mine WHO Background of the game and whose It is very funny that the son is a lawyer.

Here, emotional proximity (she's a “friend”) makes its use more natural This is. Then, relatively speaking, when it comes to human anime, we use WHO To translate the French pronoun “ki”. If it is an inanimate object we use it which. Translate “dont” into French, you have to resort to whose, which is used with both animate and inanimate objects. structure from which French “dont” is also useful for translation, and is used with inanimate objects. Finally, to translate one's occupation, we used the article has Before the profession in question. For example, to say that I am a doctor, I would say: I am a doctor.

8) there There are Three spiders in my bedroom!

Be careful with “is” type structures. In English, verb Be Agrees with COD on these structures. In singular, we would have: There is a spider in my room.

9) I like to eat Some cake. Is there Any left?

Name Cake Incalculable (explained in this section). Uncountables cannot be used with the indefinite article A year, it is necessary to use a criterion. Criterion Some Predicts presence and represents a non-zero but imprecise quantity. AnyFor its part, we call a one-way operator: it allows us to take an inventory of all remaining fruits (in the sentence to be translated, the speaker asks the interlocutor if he can create this inventory).

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10) Louis XIV became King of France in 1643.

The French present tense is translated into the past tense in English. Orally, in some English-speaking series, characters use the present tense in French, but this usage is only used in very informal contexts and should not be used in competitions.

So, do you know how to avoid the pitfalls? Feel free to consult our other lessons and answers to continue practicing the theme!