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Villepreux: They learn English from a boxing coach

Villepreux: They learn English from a boxing coach

“Glad to be here”. 11-year-old Sakina spent an hour with her friend Leila learning to describe her dress code in English. He attends a third training class volunteered by his boxing coach Wilfrex. “She’s very nice,” smiles Leela, a 6th grader. For 13-year-old Ileana, the end of the lesson is to ask questions about pronouns, propositions and some irregular verbs. “I do better, it’s not easy, whereas we’ve 26 in 4th grade.”

I do not understand the commands in English

Since mid-November, registrants at the VPX Boxe Club have met twice a month to review their English lessons. Twelve of them, from elementary school to middle school, benefit from this system supported by Wilfreux Town Hall, which offers them a room in the Mimon Gym. “The commands in boxing are in English and we realized what the kids don’t know Time , Recalled Alban Pennasser, president of the club.

Leah, a boxing coach, later earned a university degree in American law. It is therefore quite natural for him to propose to devote his time to providing educational assistance. “I have a good condition and it makes me happy to share it with them,” the young woman smiles. To speak English well, now is the time to work, because they record everything quickly. They are much harder to catch as they age. “

Adding through the game

And there is something for everyone. Kids have fun learning and progressing in school. The club contributes to the promotion of community action. “It’s close to my heart because I’m always sensitive Adding through the game, Continues Alban Bennasser, who sometimes gives boxing lessons to inmates at the Bois-d’Arcy Detention Center. We will kill two birds with one stone and come up with something other than boxing. “

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An effort that pays off. After three lessons with Leah, the students like it more. 9.75 / 10 A smile on his face at Illian’s outspoken question, who has passed all his proposals. Leila is impatiently waiting for the next lesson to find her girlfriend and her “very good” private teacher. As for Sakina, she proudly concludes, “Now I can say in English that I live in Willebreaks.”