May 19, 2024


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This first name, which the English hate, became a hit in France, and linguists tell us why

This first name, which the English hate, became a hit in France, and linguists tell us why

Rise of the first name

In France, Andrea is not only a first name, but a trend. According to INSEE, this Italian first name was given to 755 boys in 2022, making it the 91st most popular first name. Its popularity has continued to grow since the early 2010s, and everything points to French parents continuing to embrace it with gusto. The mixed first name, although less common among girls, continues to appeal with its sweet and international side.

First name not to cross the channel

On the other side of the channel, the picture is very different. According to Babbel data, Andrea is one of the 100 least popular names in Britain. Popular in the last century, this first name seems to have lost its luster and does not appeal to British parents today. Although Andrea is often given to girls in England, it lags far behind first names like Nova, Leo or Lucas, which are as popular in France as they are in England.

Why such a variation?

This striking difference between France and England can be explained by cultural and linguistic differences. In France, the influence of Italian culture and the soft sound of the first name explain its success. In England, Andrea may suffer from confusion between its masculine and feminine usage, and a preference for typical English-speaking given names. Name trends are also cyclical and what is not fashionable today may become fashionable again tomorrow.

In total

Andrea perfectly explains that a first name can be perceived in completely different ways depending on cultural and geographical contexts. In France, Andrea continues to win the hearts of parents for their little boys, while in England, he remains in the background, reflecting the unique tastes that characterize each society. Who knows ? Maybe one day Andrea will cross the tunnel to win back the British. Meanwhile, it is a charming and appreciated choice for many little French people born under the lucky star.