May 30, 2024


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Who is English teacher and comedian Amy London performing in Toulon this Thursday?

Who is English teacher and comedian Amy London performing in Toulon this Thursday?

Everything needs to change. To rebuild himself. In 2021, Amy London leaves Nancy and her own Lorraine to escape divorce and depression. Direction Marseille, this English teacher is requesting a transfer. New city, new beginning.

“When I arrived, I wanted to find an activity that would take me out of my everyday life as a mother and teacher” She begs. Then she returned to standing classes. A way to rebuild social bonds “To rediscover the joy of life that I once had”.

Talk about your daily life and laugh about it

During his lessons at the theater in Marseille, he learned the basics of writing. For inspiration, she draws on her daily life as a mother. “But I never envisioned myself going on stage, basically, writing jokes for two hours a week and laughing with people.” In his course, it is planned to try himself on open platforms. So, Lorraine took the plunge and got her first contact with the public. “I’ve never done that before, or even taken acting classes.”, she agrees. Finally, she catches the virus. He then participates in collections where he tries his paintings as a guide. “A slightly disillusioned English teacher and my life journey. It’s mostly a first stand-up show at the end. We tell each other. Everything I say has actually happened to me since I arrived in Marseille”, she assures. The scene also manifests itself as a form of therapy. “It allows you to take a step back from things and laugh about it with people. Sometimes you feel like you’re different. But what you think you’re only experiencing is shared by other people. It feels less lonely.”

So he draws from his daily life and from his students. “Sometimes I burst out laughing with them and thought I should say this.”

Most students are not aware of his second career. Don’t ruin your relationship with your students and don’t mix genres.

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By seeking out more and more Marseille scenes, she takes the risk of being recognized.

First part by Gad Elmaleh and Manu Payet

“I was opening for Manu Payet, and when I started, it was my teacher,” I asked. »

Very quickly, she caught the eye of references in the field. While she was training, Manu Payet, an expert from Ryer et Chansons, whispered Amy’s name in her ear. Hopefully, the comedian brought the neo-Marseilles with him throughout his tour, which Amy London couldn’t accept due to scheduling constraints. On the other hand, it allowed him to go to the arena in God Elmaleh’s run-in, especially at Colbert in Toulon. “I would never have imagined this. It’s incredible and such luck. They share and care. It’s a real boost.”


Girl Power Evening, Thursday May 16 at 8:30pm, Live in Toulon.

Amy London opens for Elodie Books on July 17th at Solis-Bond.

All events of the fun Octopus Festival in Toulon

For its second edition, the comedy festival organized by Olivier Stéphane has strengthened its programming. This is Tuesday evening at the Yacht Club in Toulon between Improv and Comedy Club.

On Wednesday, Maxime Sendré will take the stage at the Porte d’Italie with his show “Ceci n’est pas un guitariste”.

Thursday, 8:30pm Back in Port d’Italia, Women’s Power Evening with Amy London, Sandra Mizzou, Morgan Masset and Miss Augin.

On Friday, head over to Le Live! For a performance of “Rest Simple” by Victoria Pianoso. At the same venue, Saturday, with Les Apollones “And if it’s true”. On Sunday, the curtain fell on the improv match at Port d’Italia.

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Funny octopuses. Tuesday 14th May to Sunday 19th May. Lives in Toulon.
Prices: €20.50 per evening (excl. Inuk, €12). Information Here.