June 22, 2024


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This fun wine with a wonderful recipe wants to reconcile the English… with broccoli

This fun wine with a wonderful recipe wants to reconcile the English… with broccoli

When it appeared on our plate in the canteen, we all laughed at the pile of wilted, unappetizing broccoli. You can reverse your judgment with a brand new wine that uses this green vegetable as an ingredient.

Here’s a new recipe that still risks the received impression that the English don’t know how to cook… However, this wine is inspired by the concept of an entirely new category, specifically, let’s say. Head to Devon in South West England where the Lyme Bay Winery is located. The estate has partnered with a brand that has made broccoli its favorite product. The aim of the project is to infuse the herbal flavors of the famous vegetable into the Bacchus drink. More specifically, the recipe consisted of steeping broccoli from the 2019 harvest in Chardonnay juice.

Logically, honey in a cute Shrek-style green dress (in a less serious version, we promise). Tenderstem, the brand that supplied broccoli, has made no secret of its ambition: to help consumers better appreciate its star vegetable. The bottle was officially launched during a national holiday dedicated to celebrating England’s wine terroir. The festivities are over, and wider marketing is planned for this summer.

In fact, this is not the first time that a vegetable with a bad reputation has been used in the production of alcohol. In 2019, a Scottish distillery based in Edinburgh (Pickering’s Gin) found nothing better than infusing its gin with Brussels sprouts!

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