April 12, 2024


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Threats at Heriot de Chenouve College: Teenager wanted to “walk” his English teacher with a knife

Threats at Heriot de Chenouve College: Teenager wanted to “walk” his English teacher with a knife

We will know more this Sunday March 17, 2024 Profile and motivations of the young man who threatened the chancellor of his college in Chenôve Two days ago. As a reminder, this Friday March 15, 2024 at noon, A 15-year-old student pointed a knife at the school principal, before attacking the maintenance worker. Dijon public prosecutor Oliver Karakotch held a press conference on the progress of the investigation. He specifically teaches us that The schoolboy targeted the English teacher with whom he had a disagreement A few weeks ago. Even the accused is not clear on the real reasons for his action.

What happened ?

A 15-year-old student explains that he had a disagreement with his English teacher before winter break. This led to his expulsion from the college. After returning to the institution, he was not authorized to return to English classes. This Friday, March 15, the young man comes to this class, and the teacher sends him away and directs him to the administration. In the principal's office, the minor delivers a letter to the latter. She reads it. “If you are reading this message, There is a hostage situation in one of your rooms. I don't do this for any reason. Yes, this is for my brothers who died on November 18, 2015. Madam Principal, activate the attack alarm and evacuate all students.

The school boy pointed a knife at the head of the company and threatened to kill him. The key manages to escape and triggers the intruder alarm. The English teacher, still in her room, didn't know what was going on. Locks himself in with his students. A 15-year-old boy tries to break in.

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A maintenance worker in the area The student has also issued death threats. The latter forces him to lock himself in the principal's office with him and tells him to call the police. Without success, the agent managed to escape. Then a police team intervenes. “This team from the Regional Surveillance Force was on patrol nearby and was alerted by an unusual crowd around the establishment.“, notes Olivier Caracotch, the public prosecutor of Dijon. They are investigating the accused.

Two faded versions

The school student who was taken into police custody did not deny the facts. However he gave Two different versions about his motivations. The starting point is the same, a disagreement with the English teacher. First explains “I wanted revenge.”Plant itThen he changed his mind and, in his words, “A teacher had an accident and it was very serious“He still wanted to hold her hostage in his class.”He said he mentioned the 2015 attacks in his letter to give credit to his project“, says the public prosecutor of Dijon.

At the end of the detention, his version changed. Then he says Acquaintances are recruited to kill this teacher, as well as three members of the Academic Committee. He also says that he promised to pay for it. A new interpretation is not possible according to justice. “However, this latest version is not corroborated by any objective evidence gathered during the investigation.“, explains Oliver Karakotch. She might be related With this young man's desire to make himself important. A desire also noted by the expert psychiatrist who examined him. Desire to be maintained by fair media coverage of the issue.

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A profile that reveals “flaws”.

The 15-year-old is described as a tough student. He has already been involved in a case of willful damage in the past. Psychiatric report Holds him responsible for his actions. “His profile reveals a certain number of flaws or difficulties, which obviously I don't want to make public“, states the public prosecutor of Dijon.

Open Judicial Information

Judicial inquiry is open to many crimes. The boy has been charged The teacher tried to intentionally kill someone, a person entrusted with a public service mission. But also for that Intentional violence resulting in disability for less than eight days On the principal and the maintenance worker, there are three aggravating circumstances: the use of weapons, the acts committed in a school institution and those committed to harm persons responsible for public service work. And a case has been registered against the teenager The crime of threatening a crime On a person charged with a public service mission and trespassing into a school institution with a weapon. The school boy was taken into custody. He faces up to 20 years in prison.