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To start the year in English

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New school year resolutions

We usually decide to make new resolutions at the beginning of the school year or to start a new calendar year. Hence this scholastic sequence finds its full meaning in one or the other of these periods. The teacher may choose to use it from September, in connection with the implementation of the rules of classroom life, or in January, in order to restart the students’ motivation. By bringing together class life and personal decisions, students work in parallel with collective life rules (Common Core Skill 6) and self-evaluation (Common Core Skill 7).

A series designed by Martin Portron, Education Advisor, Besancon Academy, Toll 1 District.


Students should know the basics of FRANCIS CLASSROOM » (Listen to the teacher / your friend, raise your hand, do your homework, be polite, be nice…)


Culture and Vocabulary:

– Class life

Classroom FrancisSome frequency adverbs (Always, sometimes, never), life in society (adjectives: Friendly, respectful, responsibleNames: friends, property, Verbs: Neat, help, save), rewards (Award, Prize, Gold, Silver, Bronze)

Grammar :

– imperative (definite form)

– Possessive adjectives N And Your

– 2nd person singular present simple interrogative sentence and short answers in 1st person singular in affirmative and negative forms


– Pronunciation of words close to French: Resolutions, Certificates, Questionnaire, Compliance, Honorable

– Descending sound system

– The sound that arises in closed questions

– Sound [ɔ:] In Always And Award

– Sound [ɒ] In Bronze

Educational Extensions

Linguistics :

– It can be proposed to extend this work to the school level by drawing posters for different areas of the school (corridors, playground, toilets, etc.) where rules can be added to integrate negativity. Mandatory and to enrich the dictionary.

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– Conducting survey (Classroom research) may be an opportunity to access or re-enact the notation of percentages in mathematics and create its graphic representations.

Collaboration :

– Self-Assessment Schedule may be continued and modified for English subject in sixth grade so that CM2-6th grade linkage is supported.