June 18, 2024


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Turkey changed its English name so that it would not be confused with the word Turkey

Turkey wants to change its English name so that it is no longer confused with this word Turkey, In English “turkey”. And establish itself in the international arena.

President Erdogan has been thinking about this for years. It has now been recorded: Turkey has asked the UN to change its English name. In a statement dated early January, the country asked that he not be called anymore “Turkey”, English translation of his name, but “Turkey”. Why such a request? Because to stop being confused with a turmoil Turkey Meaning in English … “Turkey”. Confusion that does not satisfy the head of state who seeks to weigh in on the international stage.

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This is one of the reasons why the country was pushed to correct the name: giving the country the same name of an animal does not give a serious enough image. “Turkey” Represented “Our Culture, Our People and Our Values”, Erdogan said in his statement. This new name has already appeared Turkish Foreign Ministry website, As well as its French version, Where it is written: “Republic of Turkey” . The word “Turkie” best reflects and expresses the culture, civilization and values ​​of the Turkish nation. “, Created the president. An advertising campaign “Hello Turkey” Launched in this regard to support this decision. “Made in Turkey” More needs to change “Made in Turkey”, Previously used.

The Turkish president is in talks with United Nations and UN officials to officially recognize the name. This is not the first time a country has changed the English translation of its name. In 1989, Burma changed its English name to put an end to its colonial past: “Burma” Became “Myanmar”.

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