April 20, 2024


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UBB: Florac's manager, Englishman Richard Hill, prepares for the crisis.

UBB: Florac's manager, Englishman Richard Hill, prepares for the crisis.

Top 14 in 100%UBB, 6 countries and 2 national and 1 federal championships. To understand this rugby message, Didier Dallet, president of the American Salles, and Richard Hill, the English manager of the Gironde, coaches CM Floirac.

Who better than Richard Hill to prepare Crunch! Richard Hill played as a scrum-half with the England national team from 1984 to 1991. His record is eloquent and speaks for itself: 29 caps for England, five Five Nations. At club level, he won six English Championships and 10 English Cups. He was also a 1991 World Cup finalist and accepted the challenge President Nicolas Guamier to bring Florac to a higher level Rouen took the club from Federal 2 to Pro D2 in six years from 2013 to 2019.

English club rugby in trouble!

Richard Hill loved the sport of UBB and found the top 14 a championship”Wonderful. Losing two games in a row spells trouble. We don't know this in England as the Championship stops for eight weeks“Yes, no doubles for the English! During the 6 Nations, the championship is suspended in favor of the national team. The other side of the coin of this decision, as Richard Hill explains, is the financial problems of the clubs: “With the eight-week ceasefire, clubs are in financial trouble, there are no spectators in the stadiums. And clubs, of course, have to keep paying players, which is even more complicated. But the problem is that there are only ten clubs in the Championship, so it won't take long to finish the Championship and to go until May, we need a ceasefire like that.“.

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Between a top 10 and a top 14, the truth in the middle?

Of course, but no one can deny that this dual competition system is the genesis of sports injustice. With the exception of Toulouse, many Blues host teams are struggling, while clubs without international teams are using this period to pick up points. Is there a solution? According to Didier Dalet, president of American SalzThe Federation contemplates: “On the cards, at the federation level, There is a reformation that could bring the first fourteen into the first twelve, behind it, a kind of pyramid, which also changes a little. And if I go to the top twelve, I think it's precisely to try not to spoil the championship during international matches. What Richard said is true: when you don't play, you don't bring any money into the coffers. I'm not sure club leaders are ready to hear that“Because the top 12 has the advantage of four weeks off the calendar, but it's two less receptions on the Saban for UBB, less television rights, in short the real economic impact. And you think? Top 14, top 12, top 10 or 8 and having final stages Back to the top 16 with two groups?