May 30, 2024


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UK fans are furious over the removal of this video

UK fans are furious over the removal of this video



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A representative of the French Football Confederation said on Thursday, June 9, that there were no more pictures of the violence inside the State de France. Does this new hiccup keep people on the other side of the channel active? Matthew Boisso, a journalist living in London, described the situation.

How the British behaved following the announcement Removal of CCTV footage State de France? “This information did not make the front page of the British press this morning, but it clearly defames the Liverpool (UK) page.”Reports, Friday, June 10, by journalist Matthieu Boisseau, France Televisions London (United Kingdom).

The mayor of the metropolis, who was asked by French parliamentarians on Thursday, June 9, told himself “I was shocked”And justifies the deletion “Really worried”. The Daily Mirror reporter was also outraged. “French police not only lied but also obstructed justice”, He wrote. The news was posted and shared on Twitter by the Liverpool Leading Supporters Association. “Confidence in the French authorities is clearly broken”Mattieu Boisseau concludes.

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