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Vizère Festival: English group Apollo5 and 540 young people at a concert in the provinces of Trois in Corréziens Prive (Corrèze)

Vizère Festival: English group Apollo5 and 540 young people at a concert in the provinces of Trois in Corréziens Prive (Corrèze)

This Wednesday, June 15 at 5 pm, 150 young Priests will perform with the choir at the Apollo5 event in Prive (Corse), Cobra County (in Market Square). Then, on Friday, June 17 at 8:30 pm, 400 young singers from Correze will join them for another concert in the provinces of Espace des Trois. Their concert entitled “The Wanderer: From Home to Somewhere” will be available in classical, pop or traditional songs …

Integrative curriculum

These two events are the culmination of an excellent process of art education through classical music and song, which promotes living together, sharing, sharing and respect. Its name: SING’IN Corrèze. It is a project run by the V அறzère Festival since 2016 in collaboration with the English Foundation Voces 8 and Paul Smith, the creator of the fun and innovative system. More than 1,500 young Corréziens have already participated.

This year, they will have 540 singers (from CP to high school), preferably from neighborhoods and the countryside in the vast southwestern part of Correze. . These young people are being monitored by the artists of the English voice group Apollo 5. For students, SING’IN Corrèze makes it possible to combine vocal music and English training because workshops and concerts are in English.

Voice Team Apollo 5. PhotoAnti Staples

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Rehearsal with artists and teachers
During the school year, three work sessions with artists were organized. Between each of their visits, the youth continued to rehearse with their teachers and coaches from socio-cultural centers.


Vézère is dedicated to young people

Beyond the SING’IN organization, the Festival de la Vézère is growing, thanks to its winter program, a series of educational activities with top artists aimed at bringing young people closer to the culture.In January

In connection with his concert at the Sophie-Dessus Auditorium in Uzerche, flutist and conductor Philippe Berthold gave an educational concert with the flute trio to elementary school students in the Tulle bed, and later, the flute was discovered at Jean-Moulin College. Private, but a primary class in a music workshop and conservatory with coaches from Uzerche College.

In January, the first class of Charlotte Brosnan & Emily Owen from the Apollo 5 group also took place with Prive Conservatory students.
Cellist Camille Thomas led a master class at the Prive Conservatory.In March

In connection with his concert at the Theater de Brive, the celebrity Camille Thomas met with students from the “Orchestra at School” classes of Objet and Alasak Colleges. In the theater. He also conducted a cello master class at the Private Conservatory with top students from conservatories in the region.

This year SING’IN merged the elementary schools of Corrèze, Lagrauilière, Tulle, Uzerche, Salon-la-Tour and Brive; Colleges of Uzerche, Brive, Seilhac, Allassac, Objat, Lubersac; Simon Weil High School; The three socio-cultural centers of Prive and the Conservatories of Prive and Dull.

In Correze, the attention-grabbing piano, a bizarre concert and the Maladiragan Perovic for peace at the 2022 Vézère Festival

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