July 14, 2024


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Vladimir Putin stripped of judo title amid invasion of Ukraine

Vladimir Putin stripped of judo title amid invasion of Ukraine

With the war in Ukraine reaching its bloody fourth day, the International Judo Federation has taken a stand against one of its biggest defenders.

at Statement issued early SundayThe International Quality Association has stripped Russian President Vladimir Putin of his status as the organization’s honorary president.

“In light of the conflict in Ukraine, the International Judo Federation has announced the suspension of the position of Mr. Vladimir Putin as Honorary President and Ambassador of the International Judo Federation,” the statement read.

On Thursday, Putin authorized the invasion of neighboring Ukraine without justification. As of Sunday, the fighting in the country has left 352 Ukrainian civilians dead and 1,684 others injured. According to figures from the Ministry of the Interior of Ukraine. According to the data, 14 of the dead were children and 116 were wounded. The toll does not include military losses.

Putin’s passion for judo

Putin has a black belt in judo and co-authored a 2004 book called Judo: History, Theory, Practice. He attended the judo competition at the 2012 London Olympics and Celebrate with enthusiasm the gold medal race of Russia’s Tagyr Khipulaev at 100 kg.

Vladimir Putin is a staunch advocate of judo. (Michael Metzl/Paul via Reuters)

Sunday’s statement comes after the International Golf Federation’s decision on Friday to cancel the 2022 Grand Slam in Kazan, Russia that was scheduled to be held in May. Signed by IJF President Marius L. Weser The statement is entitled “Judo for Peace”.

“We, the sporting community, must remain united and strong, supporting each other and our universal values, in order to always promote peace, friendship, harmony and unity,” the statement read.

“The Judo family hopes that the current turmoil will be resolved at the last minute, to restore normality and stability in Eastern Europe and the world, to be able once again to focus on the diverse cultures, history and legacy of Europe, in the most positive way.”

The position of the International Golf Federation is in line with that of others in the international sporting community against Russian aggression. Poland, Sweden and the Czech Republic announced their intention To refuse any men’s soccer matches against Russia during qualifying for the 2022 World Cup. Meanwhile, former world champions Ukrainian boxers Vitaly, Vladimir Klitschko and Vasily Lomachenko pledged or They took up arms for their country defense against the Russian invasion.

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