February 25, 2024


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Was Meghan Markle hit by a famous English footballer?

Was Meghan Markle hit by a famous English footballer?

Meghan Markle has had an amazing life. A few years ago, a football genius was flirting with the future duchess! But in the end nothing happened.

Meghan Markle’s personal life intrigues and fascinates the tabloids. Now a new story is out. Apparently, Harry’s wife was taken by a famous English footballer. But that was a few years ago.

Meghan Markle flirted with a soccer player

Meghan Markle’s life is a bit fascinating for everyone. Since she’s no longer in the royal family, she still has a lot of freedom. Besides, Harry’s wife Will release a documentary soon.

And according to the young woman, the Netflix documentary will address something very important to the couple. ” It’s a part of my life that I can’t shareWhat people don’t see โ€“ our love story.โ€

But before this beautiful love story with her prince, Meghan Markle was attacked by a football player. It is popular Ashley Cole. An Arsenal footballer. And according to a friend of the Duchess, the young lady wanted an English lover.

I tried to find her a boyfriend – Ashley Cole isn’t too excited โ€“ But I tried to hook her up with him, which is funny in retrospect.” She told Grazia. But this is not confirmed with Meghan Markle’s version.

During a 2017 interview, a journalist showed the Duchess a photo of the footballer. Here is his answer. ” He follows me and He tries to talk to me on Twitter. He insists a lot. He wants to hang out with me when I’m here in London. What do you think about that? Do you know him? ยป

Was Meghan Markle hit by a famous English footballer?

Documentary for 2023

But since then, Meghan Markle has found true love! The young woman finds fulfillment in her life as a woman and a mother. In fact, from her union with Harry, 2 children were born. A girl and a boy. And there will be a documentary about their love.

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Either way, the pair is in its own little bubble. They will not go Not in England anyway For the Christmas holidays. Charles III invited the couple to try to tighten ties. But it didn’t work out as Sussex decided to decline the invitation.

But according to a biographer of the royal family, it’s not so bad. ” Wishing the family a very positive and happy Christmas Day After the Queen’s death. But I think Sussex’s presence would have upset the party. “.

In short, Meghan Markle and her husband are not the most expected. Even after several interviews with the young woman, there is less. Additionally, a podcast is coming out and A series on Netflix now.

Every now and then the royal family grits their teeth. Especially as Prince Harry Will publish his memoirs soon. This book makes his family very worried. Everyone wonders what he can say to that. We will have to wait until 2023 to find out.