April 18, 2024


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We must put an end to the fear of “bad” English

If you live abroad and want to speak English, you usually use simple vocabulary and phrases … unlike anyone whose mother tongue. What if you were right?

The mother tongue is not English, but foreigners who need to use it in their social or professional life are often very knowledgeable about making mistakes and mistakes and are eager to get rid of them. There are a number of steps and courses you can take to complete or master your English. However, as American public radio explains N.P.R.,

Decades of research have shown that when a native English speaker joins a conversation with non-native speakers, the level of comprehension decreases. According to global communications expert Heather Hanser, this is because non-natives do not know what to do with non-natives.



National Public Radio (NPR), founded in 1971, has today become a source of high quality reporting broadcast by 959 independent stations across the country. Most recently, NPR has developed a significant Internet presence


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