June 18, 2024


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What language should animals speak?

Do dogs, cats, cows, or even sheep understand some languages ​​better than others? Le Picaro I walked through the meadows and shrines to find the answer.

Sit down!Immediately, Chanel sat up, her two big feet forward and her tail thrown behind her. “Ohn Use some English words, Explains the female Labrador Master Victor. Especially tell him to sit down, invite or give him food.

Some owners prefer German over English. This is the situation of Frederick, a breeder on the Cruise. “It’s very straightforward, it’s fast and it’s a language that allows us to be confident.Would some languages ​​be more useful for us to be understood by our animal friends?

The myth of throat tongues and the importance of tone

I speak Spanish to God, Italian to women, French to men and German to my horse.», Charles v. The Germans often prefer to train certain breeds, such as horses, wild animals or bears. “This is something Cultural, To explain

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