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La Vieille-Lyre. Stell paying homage to English liberators: a wonderful organization

In the presence of the flag bearers, La Vieille-Lyre Marc Morière Mayor, Jun Gillis, Bois-Normand-près-Lyre Media Library (Eure), veterans and other dignitaries, Stell’s development was unveiled (© Le Reveil Normand)

How to recognize residents and elected officials in their territory and their history? Answer: When they bravely face the weather conditions to attend the inauguration ceremonies.

Freezing cold and intermittent rain

This was the case La Vieille-Lair (Euro), This Saturday, November 27, 2021, With freezing cold and incessant rain, the inhabitants of Lyre, elected officers, veterans, bearers and musicians (back pipe music) all came together to pay tribute to the opening of Stalin’s development. Lyre’s liberation during World War II.

[VIDEO : Hommage aux libérateurs anglais devant la stèle aménagée]

With June Gillis, President of the Bois-Normand-près-Lyre (Eure) Media Library, Mayor Mark Morrier Recalled historical facts.

Rendering is wonderful (Le Réveil Normand)

[VIDEO : Des voitures militaires pour rendre hommage aux libérateurs anglais]

Edward Spencer, Charles Spencer and Lady Diana

The city of La Vieille-Lyre and the city of La Neuve-Lyre experienced a historic event in our region on August 21, 2019 with the valuable visit of the 9th Earl of England, Charles Spencer. We are proud to welcome in our area the 8th account of Edward Spencer of the 2nd Division of the Royal Scots Grace Regiment, the son of Edward Spencer, the son of Lieutenant Althorpe, who liberated the Communes of La Nouveille and La Vile-Lyre. .

Mark MorrierMayor of La Vieille-Lyre

As everyone knows, Charles Spencer, Phils de Edward Spencer, Is the brother of Diana Spencer, Lady Diana – Lady D – Princess of Hearts and Princess of the People, “She was admired all over the world for her kindness, beauty and goodness. She was loved by the French.

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June Gillis and Mark Morier meditate in front of Stell (© Le Réveil Normand)
On the left, Basil Croatskin, senior, June Gillis and Mark Morrier

About fitting a stiletto installed on the De la Barre route in 2010 as a tribute to English liberators 2nd Division of the Royal Scots Grace Regiment, Mayor Mark Morrier has kept his promise.

“I promised that this stone would not go unnoticed, that it was a reflection of what we had in my City Hall.

At a time when direct witnesses are becoming rare, and their memory is fading, this is not only the true creation of history, the memory, we must dedicate ourselves to.

Mark MorrierMayor of La Vieille-Lyre
Many personalities had traveled (© Le Réveil Normand)

On the funding side, it costs, 4,275 to fit Stell. June Gillis’ book “He’s a Soldier with Others” – 868 euros – thanks to donations collected through sales – added 1,425 euros in government donations. The remaining fee for the municipality is 1,982 euros.

June Gillis who did not forget to pay tribute Basil Croatskin, senior Is on site, as well as military vehicles. “Charles Spencer cannot be with us today. But as he told me, he has a heart ”.

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