March 3, 2024


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Why are English clubs strangely quiet?

Why are English clubs strangely quiet?

815 million pounds sterling or more than 950 million euros. Here's how much the Premier League spent in the last winter transfer window (2022/2023). Renowned for burning through the various windows allotted for transfers, the English Championship – with enormous domestic television rights – was logically expected to turn the corner in early 2024. Months or so, Nottingham Forest have been in the spotlight recently after recruiting more than twenty players during a single transfer window, with English teams swarming with a bewildering frenzy of transactions. However, as we write these lines and a week before the winter market closes, the contrast is striking. Far from this observed insanity of luxury – we hardly know where greatness ends and madness begins – the Premier League today displays a strange inertia. It is enough to question this immobility.

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General expenses less than 50 million euros!

Expected to be a central player in the market, in fact, the English Championship has paid just over 43 million euros so far. A paltry sum compared to the track record displayed by clubs across the Channel in this field. So, if Manchester City formalized the arrival of young Argentine nugget Claudio Echeverri (€14.5M), Brighton bolstered their defense with promising Valentín Barco (€9.15M) and Aston Villa did the same with a bet. The young Serbian, Kosta Nedeljkovic (€7.5M), has had very limited results. So yes, the winter transfer window is still a long way off – Edin Phillips is set to join West Ham – and there could be plenty of twists and turns in the coming days. However, it is difficult to imagine a scenario similar to what was seen last season today. A flat silence that doesn't fail to question many viewers. From this point of view, the Daily Mail A key reason for this strange inactivity of English clubs is presented: the rules of financial fair play in England.

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While Manchester City have so far managed to slip through the cracks despite the Premier League's new draconian charges, Everton, for their part, have been caught on patrol. Penalized by 10 points in the Championship, the Toffees have been hit with a new sanction after recently being accused of overspending in the 2019-2023 period. A concern shared by Nottingham Forest, and targeted by a Premier League press release. . “In accordance with Premier League rules, both cases have been referred to the chairman of the Judiciary Committee, who will appoint a separate panel to determine the appropriate sanction. The groups are independent of the Premier League and member clubs. Discussions take place behind closed doors and the committees' final decisions are made public on the Premier League website. Until then, the corporation will not comment.. Certainly cooled by this official release, most English clubs are more reasonable.

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FPF makes Premier League clubs tremble!

Therefore, caution is warranted, bearing in mind that no Premier League team is entitled to exceed £105 million (or approximately €123 million) in losses over a three-year period. A recent example? Newcastle. Although controlled by PIF, the Saudi public investment fund, the Magpies recently reported a loss of £150 million, or €175 million. Anxiety levels then push Toons to open the door to a few departures. “It's difficult to comment on certain players, but I can say where we want to go, sometimes it's necessary to replace some of your players. All the decisions we make are always in the medium and long-term interest of the club. Even if it's because of the length of the player's contract, the offer is too much to refuse. If good, the team needs to be renewed in some areas. It might make sense to part with a player. It's part of the inherent structure of PSR (PL's financial fair play). If you want to reinvest, there is an incentive to replace players.”Announced, in this sense, Darren Eales, general manager, PL's current 10th.

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Angered by potential reprisals, English clubs appear to be using this winter window to settle scores or avoid ruining them. “One bad window could cost three years of freedom”A Premier League is entrusted with the general manager Postal game Before focusing on the situation of the Red Devils. “Clubs need to be better managed, but clubs also need to be better managed. When Omar Berrada (recently transferred from Manchester City, editor's note) arrives at Manchester United, he doesn't need to be an expert to understand that the team's transfer strategy is questionable. Why ignore him and replace him with a £43.7m plus goalkeeper who doesn't match his wages? The first division's sporting director also echoed these fears about the FPF, given the Premier League's lackluster performance in January.

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“Financial fair play, or exercise of purpose as we like to call it, is certainly a factor to consider. If we look at previous windows, we see a lot of ordinary players who have been transferred. Today, financial constraints have reduced the demand. Now more and more clubs are trying to adopt a strategy away from temporary transfers. .. Despite everything, there is a general pessimism about the bottom line of this winter transfer window. Clinging to its historic customs, the Premier League is, in fact, far from having its last word. In recent hours, [The Sun](Kyle Walker) For example, Reece James – who is linked with Chelsea until June 2028 – is determined, in Manchester City's view, to find a successor to Kyle Walker. Given the Blues right-back's contract situation, the move will no doubt quickly launch the Premier League back to the top of the league's top-spending rankings.

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