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Why is it important to learn English in middle school?

Why is it important to learn English in middle school?

Be it in your school life, daily life or even your future professional life, English language will be very useful in many situations. A valuable skill to employ right out of college.

Only one in two of the school’s pupils have achieved the expected level of English (A2) at the end of Year 3. This is the result of placement test Ev@lang Taken by all 3rd graders in Spring 2022.

Challenging situation for the Ministry of National Education: Since the beginning of the school year, the admissions program has been launched 80% students This level will be reached within the next three years. But why is learning English so important in middle school? Many reasons!

Learn English for travel

Learning English from an early age has many benefits. You can pool your knowledge During school transfer Or a trip with your family.

“English makes traveling easier. You can communicate almost everywhere with this language. A schoolboy knows how to ask where his hotel is and how to order at a restaurant,” explains Bonnetabile, an English teacher at the College of Forestry (72).

With 1.2 billion people worldwide speaking English, it is the most widely spoken language on our planet. It is also an official language in more than fifty countries.

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Be open to new cultures

Harry Styles, Ed Sheeran, Dua Lipa, many of your favorite artists sing in English. A good command of the language makes it possible to understand words. A better understanding of English makes it possible to watch movies and series in their original version.

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“In general, English brings an openness to the world. College students discover a new culture, a new way of life, and spark curiosity.”The professor continues.

“There are many examples In the daily life of a student This shows the importance of English: when he directs television, when he plays on the network…”, adds Marylise Vivier (02), English teacher at Les Frères le Nain College in Lavon.

A useful skill after college

After college, depending on your study choices, you are likely to continue learning English. When choosing an orientation to enter higher education, you will feel it Some courses require a higher level of English, Especially if you want to study abroad.

Admittedly, it’s not for now English is an international language Very useful in the world of work. “For students, it is obvious that English is the best language of communication,” intervenes Marielise Vivier.

“English opens up professional opportunities. It’s more and more needed in the business world, and it allows us to have a career that we love,” continues Prof. Chartois. In some companies, employers tend to reject candidates. Non-native speakers.

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Get a good methodology

Learning a foreign language requires rigor and a lot of practice. “Method is important. You need to repeat the words well and go through the reading as well. There are books suitable for college students. You have to be really curious,” continues the professor.

Above all, don’t relax your efforts if the first results don’t meet your expectations. Believe in yourself and be passionate. “We can prove that we are good at English later in college. We can always improve, nothing is perfect,” assures the professor from Aisne.

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