May 30, 2024


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Why was French the official language of England?

Why was French the official language of England?


Chad presidential election: The president and his prime minister are certain to win

General Mahamat Idris Debi Itno, who was declared head of state by the military three years ago, and his appointed Prime Minister Sax Masra, both candidates, each vowed on Saturday to win the presidential election from Monday’s first round as thousands of supporters rallied in opposite locations in the capital N’Djamena, their final day of campaigning. For the last encounter, AFP’s reporters chanted “First round KO!” General Deby, 40, was declared interim president on April 20, 2021 by an army of 15 generals after the death of his father, Idris Deby Itno, who ruled the rebel-ravaged Sahelian nation with an iron fist for 30 years. “For the first time in the world, the Chadians, will win on Monday!”, launched the 40-year-old Masra, a former opponent of the “Debi dynasty”, but was appointed prime minister. All observers predicted a resounding victory for the General-President, as the military force continued under Debye Sr., five months ago, after Minister Debbie signed a “reconciliation agreement” with him 15 days ago. They suppressed all opposition violently, sometimes bloodily, and eliminated its most dangerous rivals after the Constitutional Council invalidated the candidacies of 10 of them. Boycott, a “traitor” to the junta, and the candidate “to give a democratic veneer to a pre-rigged” election, he appeared as a potential spoilsport for Debbie at the end of the campaign. At least capable of pushing him into the second round, as he drew huge crowds at every meeting. summons, and will oppose eight other candidates, including a woman, none of whom will get more than a few votes because, before her meeting, Masra traveled 10 km, exiting the sunroof of a car moving at walking speed, joining supporters on foot, on horseback, and on camels. .on a motorcycle. For his part, the interim president arrived at the Place de la Nation in an armored car, somewhat monotonously borrowing promises, “to the United Chad.” Who is against?” This prompted cheers from a crowd in the colorful colors of his election coalition’s numerous support groups and “228 political parties”. ” On Monday, he asked his supporters to “have a deep desire for change” and “turn the past peacefully”. – “Neither credible nor democratic” – “We are showing that the money spent on tear gas yesterday will be there. Headed towards schools and hospitals”, he promised, warning voters: “The forces of the past will try to push us back”, “You must stay near every polling station on Monday and monitor the vote count (…). It is the duty of your citizens to steal the election. ” On Friday, the International Federation for Human Rights (FIDH), “concerned about the human rights situation”, expressed concern in a press release about an “election”. In a damaging environment marked by (…) a proliferation of human rights violations”, Mr. Debé January described the members of the Constitutional Council and the National Electoral Management Agency (ANGE) as “dominated by a coalition surrounding” the party that has been in power for 33 years. Appointed by the month, Patriotic Rescue Movement (MPS ).lnf-gir/hpn

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