May 30, 2024


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English for everyone!  – ANAC

English for everyone! – ANAC

In a proactive approach, the General Administration has initiated continuous training in English to improve the language skills of ANAC agents. This initiative is part of the social policy activities led by Brigadier General Eric Tristan Frank Mousao and demonstrates the efforts being made by the General Administration to improve the skills of ANAC staff.

Spread over three months with the aim of training one hundred (100) agents, this ambitious program is structured around clearly defined educational objectives. partners, thereby enabling ANAC to be more competitive and efficient in the execution of its tasks.

For this, the Language Lab of the Gabon-Oregon Center was chosen as the partner to lead the training. The latter, whose approval process is ongoing at ANAC, has recognized expertise and experience and several partnerships with major universities. .

Also, the Language Lab benefits from the status of an approved testing center as part of the TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language). Also, for ANAC agents who already have the necessary level of English language practice, the cooperation framework between ANAC and the Language Laboratory offers the opportunity to continue until obtaining the TOEFL, opening opportunities for a higher level diploma for training and studies in English for ANAC inspectors within the framework of ICAO activities.

With this inspiration the training started with an initial contact session where the trainees introduced themselves to the agents and immediately established a warm and professional atmosphere. This first meeting was an opportunity to reassure the participants about the progress of the sessions, outline the plan and the various methods used to facilitate learning.

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Therefore, the period covering this training was structured into three distinct phases. The first month will be dedicated to sessions allowing all agents to refresh their skills and consolidate their foundations in English. The second month focuses on grammar, with the aim of reinforcing the knowledge gained from the previous month and preparing agents for more specialized courses. Finally, the third month will progress towards Aviation English, a specialized vocabulary important to ANAC operations.

To guarantee personalized attention and encourage constant interaction, participants are divided into seven groups of 10 to 15 people. The system is designed to optimize sessions and allows trainers to respond effectively to the specific needs of each participant.

Overall, the program is not only an exceptional opportunity for ANAC agents to improve their English, but also constitutes a strategic investment as part of its general management, whose constant concern is the continuous improvement of human resource management.