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Wild and Wacky Things People Did with their Lottery Wins

Lottery winners often capture the spotlight with their incredible luck and newfound wealth. Many of us dream about what we would do with a sudden influx of cash. Private islands, flashy cars, designer labels, beautiful mansions; it’s hard to get past the material benefits of owning so much wealth. But some winners chose to spend their newfound riches in surprising ways. In collaboration with SpinFever, we have put together list of wildest things people did with their lottery wins. And while not all these stories have a happy ending, they will inspire you to think differently about what you would do if you ever won the lottery yourself.

Anything for Blood… A Lottery Winner Who Spent It All On Family

A family agreement to share any lottery winnings became a life-changing decision for the Mullins family. After years of playing the lottery, Suzanne Mullins struck it big with a $4.2 million jackpot. Unlike cliché lottery winners, Suzanne, her husband Tommy, and their daughter Susan had a different plan: split the money equally and continue living their lives as before.

For 20 years, each family member would receive a $47,826 annual payment, ensuring financial stability for all. Despite her dedication to her family, Suzanne Mullins fell into debt after paying $1 million for her son-in-law’s uninsured medical bills. She took out a $0.2 Million loan from a company to pay off her debts. However, when the company sued her for not making payments, they won a settlement of $145,000. Last we heard of her; she had a court settlement with no assets to pay off the debt.

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Anything for A Dream… The Rise and Fall of The Youngest US Lottery Winner

In 2008, Jonathan Vergas 19 won the Powerball lottery, earning a whopping $35.3 million and becoming the youngest US lottery winner. Initially, Jonathan planned to use his money meaningfully, buying a new house for his mother and setting up a trust fund. However, things took a different turn, and when he decided to launch his passion project: an all-female wrestling entertainment show.

The show, Wrestlicious TakeDown, which aimed to entertain audiences with its unique concept, was met with harsh criticism and appalling reviews, leading to its eventual bankruptcy. Jonathan’s show only broadcasted 13 episodes before it was taken down. A second season never aired, and he has stayed clear of the spotlight ever since.

Anything for Health…. A Retired Couple Who Chose To Knee Up

In 2007, A retired couple from Merseyside, England made headlines after revealing their unique plans for spending part of their £2.4 million Lotto win. Tony Dodd, 67, and his wife Greta, 69, both decided to undergo knee replacement operations before doing anything else with their newfound wealth.

The couple paid privately for the surgery to improve their health and quality of life in retirement. Speaking to BBC, Mr. Dodd, an avid golf fan, said he can’t wait to climb up the dunes now that his knee problems will be resolved. He also looked forward to the 2008 Open Golf Championship, hosted at the nearby Royal Birkdale course.

Anything for Beauty… Breast Implants for All The Siblings

At the age of 21, Sarah Cocking’s life was transformed when she won a whopping £3 million in the National Lottery. She splashed out approximately £10k of her winnings to pay for plastic surgery for herself and her two sisters, Emma and Alex. She got engagement to her partner of three years with a platinum diamond ring worth £2,500. However, the relationship fizzled out the following year.

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Many people speculated that the pressure and excitement of winning the lottery may have contributed to the breakup, but Sarah disagreed. In an interview, She stated that external factors were responsible for their split, and the lottery win had nothing to do with it. As she put it, “some relationships just run their course”.

Anything for Whisky… A Jackpot winner who launched his own Whiskey Distillery

A retired Belfast bus driver Peter Lavery won £10.2 million in the lottery in 1996. In the first couple of years, he spent half a million pounds on cars, heavily drinking his favorite Irish whiskey, spending on high-end holidays, and his mock-Tudor house in Belfast’s upmarket ‘Golden Triangle.’ Lavery admits that he was teetering on becoming a lottery-winner cliche. However, he eventually decided to get busy and make money work for his life.

He made substantial donations to good causes and spread among family and charities via the Rita Charles Trust, a cross-community charity he set up. He also started a whiskey distillery named Titanic Irish Whiskey. Last we heard, the lottery millionaire was set to open his second and Belfast’s first distillery since prohibition under the banner of his new company Titanic Distillers.

Lessons Learned From Breaking the Mold

Winning the lottery can be life-changing, but it doesn’t guarantee happiness or fulfillment… even when thinking differently.

Some winners decide to be generous with their winnings and help others, while others are consumed by greed, addiction, and financial mismanagement. These experiences teach us that money is not the key to happiness and that it’s crucial to use it wisely. It’s easy to get caught up in the excitement of newfound wealth, but it’s essential to remember the long-term consequences of our actions.

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So, if you ever become this lucky and win the lottery, spend wisely!