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World Cup 2021 – The English ate the Greeks for toast – Rugby League

World Cup 2021 – The English ate the Greeks for toast – Rugby League

The final match of Group A is between England and Greece. We expected a one-sided match and we were not disappointed.

The English are running, but that shouldn’t have much impact on the outcome. No Sam Tomkins or Mickey McClorum, but Mike McMeegan will be on the bench. Almost guaranteed first place, all players in the group will have walked the turf for the England side.

Greece resists, then sinks

The English showed their intentions from the start with a chain attack going down the wing and the first defensive phase pushing Greece back to their goal. After conducting a few removals under the posts, Mati should give a try from the lease. A decisive passer made it 6-0.

The first true Greek chain ends with a dismissal under the posts. The result is not bad moving the ball but the English defense is alert. Minutes later, it was the Englishmen who doubled Dominic Young’s bid, delivered by batsman before Welsby’s ballad. Snide missed the conversion to make it 10-0.

Surprise, the Greeks come back to score. Back-to-back Sydney Dougamo took advantage of England center Kai Pearce-Paul in the middle of the Pampas to score in the corner to make it 10-4. The Greeks are stout in defence, but George Williams will find fault with the Greek defence. A long lobbed pass and Dominic Young goes there with his double. Snide made it 16-4 with a visit from the right.

Flicks on the putt, it’s Burgess’s fault. Then Snide follows, Ryan Hall recovers and rounds the defender. Sneyd was unsettled in this side at 20-4. Akers trailing 40-20 to Butter … Second ball from Burgess: Push you gentleman, I’ll score, 26-4. Strangely the Greeks kicked the other side. But the result remains the same. A perfectly played short side ends up in Young’s hands for his third try. This is the bright side for Snite 32-4. It was tough for Greece in these last minutes of the first period. Pearce-Paul does all the work and delivers quadruplets to 38-4 Young. A chain tries for a few minutes and it continues. Two-on-one to Williams on break from Welsby for Hill, 44-4. This was the score at the break, the English scoring 4 tries in 8 minutes.

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100 points for England?

A flurry of action following the kick to follow results in Makinson’s English try. He won’t be part of the world’s best effort at the end, but it’s 4 points the same, with 6 conversions, 50-4. The Greeks camped in the English camp, delaying the evolution of the scores. But when the ball was recovered under their posts, the English were 56-4.

Sixty points were reached with Burgess’s try giving Snide a 62-4 lead. For the record, Joe Batchelor went an easy 2-for-1. Those who bet on Ryan Hall’s double will hate him. Fortunately not for long as Snead made good on a double jump error that sent Ryan Hall over for the try. Snide never misses twice from the same spot, successful conversion, 68-4. Elias is persistent in hitting short kick-offs. The British start their chain from 50 meters which is not a good idea. Test for Joe Batchelor, who had to run 72-4 this time.

On his way to 100 points, Akers goes there for his effort of 78-4. Since we don’t whistle at screens anymore, Pierce-Paul’s effort is awarded. Sneyd hit the post 82-4 and broke new ground. Elias didn’t hit short, but Burgess did. The chain starts at another 50 meters. Acres, 88-4, Test with two tries over 5 minutes. McMeegan Young’s Inside Discount, 94-4. 3 minutes to place the last one. Elias, half (not God) Greek also wants to see 100 points, he hits short, the final English munitions. A 100 point attempt is disallowed on video for offside. Small victory for Greece. 94-4 was the final score. A 16-team World Cup seems like a bad idea.

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