June 18, 2024


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You can count on Newcastle for this English international

After Kieran Trippier, Newcastle hopes to strengthen England’s international team. Magpies are making progress in the Dele Alli case.

Scouts are still on duty in Newcastle In an effort to strengthen their team before it is too late. In the red zone (18th), the Toons Hope you will continue to flirt with the exit and take advantage of this winter transfer window Address their grievances as much as possible By recruiting for the right positions. This time an international midfielder is targeted.

If names and failed leads have been accumulating recently, it looks like this system could be contracted out. According to Football Insider, Dele wants to list Allie in Newcastle, Is still being tested on the Tottenham side. And according to the media, the mid-25s can be trusted. He would have pointed out to his inner circle that this idea did not displease him.

Decisive tripper

As always Both, It would actually be a phone call from his former team Spurs, Kieran Trippier, would have convinced him. When it came to Newcastle recently, the English side would have discovered the arguments. Discussions between the two clubs involved should begin soon.

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