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சார்த்தே.  He was driving a scooter … fake English driver’s license

சார்த்தே. He was driving a scooter … fake English driver’s license

Sardois issued a fake English driver’s license to the police. (Adobe Adobe Role)

Le Mans court prosecutes teenager for driving a scooter without a driver’s license and possessing a false British driver’s license 2021 September 24 Friday.

Le Mans, August 28, 2019 Casual police officers observe a “cylinder” scooter moving at a certain speed in the Rue des Maris in the Mission Monthard district. Then the police decided to stop the vehicle and came to the street.

No French driver’s license but …

The driver’s check revealed that he did not have a French driver’s license but that he had a British driver’s license.

The driver justifies having a British driver’s license because he lives in the UK. However, police inspections show that the UK driver’s license is invalid.

At trial, the driver of the scooter admitted to having a false British license, but denied that he was the driver of the scooter and said it was his friend who was driving it.

“We have not lost sight of the scooter”

Before the court, the defendant – with various identities and nearly 20 notes on his record (especially theft and drug trafficking) – maintained a version of the facts.

If he admits that he did not own the driving license at the time, and has a false British license “in his wallet”, he denies the statements of the police officers who appointed him as the driver of the scooter: “We have never lost sight of the scooter.”

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19 offenders between 2010 and 2019

In his indictment, the attorney questioned the defendant’s willingness to improve, highlighting the recurrence of “19 crimes between 2010 and 2019”.

The defendant pleaded guilty to driving without a license if convicted again, citing possession of fraudulent administrative documents in the repeat offense, and the defendant only admitted facts related to a false British license during his second trial.

For his part, the defendant’s attorney pointed out the discrepancies in the instruction, while at the same time confirming that his client was judged on his trip by using the proverb “who drinks will drink”.

60 day penalty

Defendant was fined 15 euros 60 days and disqualified for 5 years as he was found guilty of the charges against him.

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