April 18, 2024


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How to learn English through video games?

It is possible to improve your English with video games! The important thing is to know how to combine leisure and learning. If we know today that watching movies or series in English allows you to get more fluid speech, here are some tips for immersing yourself in Shakespeare’s language through video games.

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Diversity Video games Immeasurable evidence of existing English words. This will vary depending on the themes of the games, so it is very easy to get different vocabularies. Focusing on the military, construction, magic, espionage or even everyday life, this large category offers opportunities for growth in learning English.

Play in English

During the game of video games, you can easily switch from one language to another with a simple click. However, the original language used was mostly English. The first function to be configured before starting the game is the selection of the game language. Selecting the original version in video games will allow you to gain oral comprehension and add another dimension to the sessions. Not to mention that playing in the original version will bring credibility to the experience. One of the solutions to better understanding English is the display of verses that allow you to read the French translation while integrating the original version.

Look up dictionaries

Some games do not provide French translation of dialogues and verses. So the game will become a real foreign language subject. A French-English dictionary is a solution that is simple or has an online translation site Translate conversationsIt may actually take a while, though. This trick is to arm yourself with a little patience!

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Translate conversations via voice assistants

English, an internationally spoken language, is ubiquitous in everyday life. No media support will go wrong with the English language and video games will not pass. Also, when translating a conversation is cheap, why go without it for the translation of texts in video games? It is a service provided by voice assistants that automatically translates words, phrases or conversations into multiple languages. These simple tools are available on Google Play and App Store depending on the device the user is using. One of the advantages of voice assistants such as Google Assistant is that it can be started from compatible speakers, connected screens, etc. The principle is as follows: The application opens after the famous “spoken”.OK Google“, By voice command. It is necessary to specify the language to be translated, because in English, there is an option to get the vocabulary through video games. The microphone shown by the Google Assistant must be activated. Transliterate and translate the phrases automatically translated by the voice assistant. However, the voice assistants are still present.” The latest ones “and face some shortcomings. However, they are still constantly evolving to provide reliable translations.

Play online

Online games are multi-player and the language used is primarily … English. In fact, the principle is that participants from five continents can play when they understand themselves. Teams communicate with each other without knowing each other, so fluency in English is strongly recommended. Thanks for this solution to learn English Video games The player can try when he begins to understand the basics of the English language. He will undoubtedly progress by applying the vocabulary he has learned before in sports.

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Repeat the experience on used vehicles

If the daily habit is to play in the mother tongue, repeating the same game by changing the language will lead to faster understanding. Do not forget that the characters in the games exchange conversations, which, thanks to training, are often well known to players. Switching from French to English will allow you to become familiar with a second language.

However, keep in mind that the translation of dialogues may not always be 100% faithful to the original version, especially in nonsensical expressions, i.e., untranslatable and “ready”.

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