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Before Zach Mercer, who were these Englishmen who lit up the top 14 in their class?

Whether you are a supporter of MHR or not, it is definitely not wrong for you to shine on our basis of a young recruit who is in the third center line. First 14 Since the start of the season. His blue helmet for the 111kg, 91m, made him speak his strength during the first encounter against துலோன், By enteringInvestigation Stop time is a draw. Do you have We are talking Zach Mercer Of course. Came from Bath In the off-season, the Englishman made a great start under his new colors, stopped by the top three first matches.. At the age of 24, he had already appeared as the head of Sistus Gondola, and he was very close to playing.England. To L’Équipe, he said: ‘Due to the selection rules, some young English players tried to bet (to play abroad). They come of age. But I want to learn other things. I think I can still improve and expand my background and I am in the right place to do that. ” Great defender, powerful ball in hand, the right choice for the Herald recruit?

Top 14 – Montpellier’s New English Prodigy No. 8 Who are you, Zack Mercer?Like Mercer, an Englishman was delighted to have arrived in France. We speak openly Brett Heron. The founder of the BO, in the Basque Country he was almost unknown when he signed and was only the third in the line Harlequins Whether in a kicking game, a polar face or a running game, it also impresses with its animation. Of course, we cannot make decisions in three games, but it is clear that the contribution of two English recruiters, Mercer or Heron, is undeniable. So watch over time. What to ask of us. Before them, who were the Englishmen who lit up our top 14?

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Video.  Top 14. Brett Heron and Pierce dropped Racing 92!Video. Top 14. Brett Heron and Pierce dropped Racing 92!

Wilkinson, like the Armitage brothers, was a British dolan

In 2009, a bomb was detonated by Morat Boudzell. After hitting a major blow by already recruiting Pro D2 For players like Gregon, Madfield or Umaga, the Dulan leader is still strong, by adding, Johnny Wilkinson, English Miracle. We chain the wounds to the back end. But in Doolan, “Sir” will be reborn as Johnny Phoenix and live according to his legend.. He will take Doolan to the roof France And Europe, winning two European Cups in 2013 and 2014, and a Prens in 2014, as if to end a massive career in apotheosis. But this time, Johnny Wilkinson was not the only Englishman to shine in port. The Armitage brothers have been instrumental in RCD’s success. Stephen, who is at the peak of Pierrez, arrives in 2011, while Delone joins him in 2012. Both will be leaving the bar with their luggage for 3 European Cups and a French Championship in 2016.. Without forgetting Nick Kennedy Where Andrew Sheridan Who, participated in the club’s heyday. Not forgetting the sidewalk and electricity Chris Ashton, Mayolin (2017-2018) spent only one season in the interval, but is the highest scorer in the championship with 24 goals (26 in all competitions). In short, God’s wind saves the wind.

In the second line we certainly remember the fewer strikes. Tom Palmer, You are lateral James Haskell Or Winger Olly Phillips in the early 2010s French stadium. If Haskell had established himself as the club’s main player and Tom Palmer had brought his power and connection easily, Oli Phillips would have been annoyed at times, could have been fantastic in his fast and chaotic runs, or could have passed completely next to his match. Most recently, Nick Abenton Marcel Michelin ignited while wearing the Clermont tunic. Came inside Auvergne In 2014, his incredible rise made him one of the best full-backs in Europe. In 2015, he was selected as the best European player and gradually became one of the darlings of the Clermont supporters.. With ASM, he won the European Challenge in 2017 for the first time in 14 and 2019. But he will not escape the curse of losing finals: 2 to 14 (2015-2019), and 2 European Cups (2015) – 2017). It is evolving today Vance. In David Street And formed Clermont. If his passage was less noticeable than that of Abenton, he was able to prove his qualities as a better finisher.

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