April 20, 2024


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A star of English literature!

A star of English literature!

With a creative and educational drive, Jean Boucro And Lisa Michaud, two third-year LLCER English students at the Université Franche-Comté are launching a writing competition open to all, immersing participants in the fascinating worlds of utopia and dystopia. With topical themes such as transition, climate change and feminism, the competition promises to showcase unquestionable writing skills while making people think about the essential questions of our time.

The emergence of an ambitious project

Born out of the degree's enriching educational framework in foreign and regional English language, literature and culture, the program is a continuation of Jean and Lisa's studies, with a strong desire to combine a passion for the English language with social commitment. The “Pre-Professionalization” course combined the literary genres of writing and science fiction and fantasy, giving them the perfect opportunity to implement a personal English-speaking project.

A contest open to all

The originality of this competition is open to all without age or profession restrictions. Proposed challenge : Create a literary work, poem or short story in English that explores one of the imposed themes – time, environmental issues or feminism through the prism of reflective utopia or dystopia. In doing so, participants are invited to sharpen their pen and imagination while improving their English.

A contest open to all

Conditions of Participation and Rewards

The rules are clear: submitted works must be written in English and address one of the required subjects. Accepted forms Poems of at least 300 words and short stories of at least 1000 words. All products must be sent by email in advance March 25, 2024, thus allowing everyone to take the time they need to refine their creation. Winners have a chance of winning a Cube boxThe collaboration between the organizers also highlights this unique literary endeavor.

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An invitation to discussion and exchange

Beyond competition, this competition should be a place for exchange and reflection. Participants are invited to an exclusive event where discussions and debates on the themes covered will enhance everyone's experience. A great opportunity to meet other literary enthusiasts and share views of the world, somewhere between utopian and real.

Portraits of the founders

  • Lisa Michaud : After two years in a preparatory class for the Grandes Écoles de Lettres, Lisa continued her career at the University of Franche-Comte with the ambition of specializing in literary creation. His experience in various writing competitions enriches the project with a practical and creative perspective.
  • Jean Boucro : Jean, who shares a similar educational background to Lisa, aspires to become a teacher of French and French literature in an English-speaking country. Passionate about reading and writing, she brings an academic and cultural dimension to the project, which dreams of a future between France and the United Kingdom.

Started by Gene and Lisa, this writing competition promises to be an inspiring and literary adventure. It provides a unique platform for those who want to explore their creativity while questioning deep and current themes. Lovers of writing, literature and thinking about our society will find this competition an exceptional opportunity to express themselves and be heard.