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Sarthe: They twin with a town in Wales and teach English

Sarthe: They twin with a town in Wales and teach English

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To be, or not to be. It's a friendly and Shakespearean name New additionIn Sarthe : that of an association Clermont-Granes with Hay-on-WyeA city is located Wales (about fifty kilometers north of the capital Cardiff, in the Brecon Beacons National Park).

Things are officially out October 2023Between the Clermontoise Association, headed Solene Hamonand elected representatives of Hay-on-Wye.

A village with seven bookstores

Pascal (Vice President) and Jean-Jacques Glodin (Treasurer), English Language and Literature Enthusiasts, are the driving forces behind this project. “I was always fascinated by English, and when I was a schoolboy I spent whole afternoons translating the texts of Charles Dickens,” recalls Jean-Jacques Glodin.

The former La Poste executive, now retired, is an activist who has “made twins almost everywhere” he's been in his career. As it has spread book fairs (the latest one is organized every year in November at La Flèche).

To be or not to be, the aim is “to encourage exchanges between our city of Clermont and this village of similar size across the Channel”.

in a village homogeneous population (1,300 people), therefore, is also selected for a specificity that does not leave glodins indifferent: it is given. Seven bookstoresThat's it.

Voluntary English lessons

The idea of ​​establishing contacts with the Welsh attracted about twenty members, Clermont, but Mareil-sur-Loire And Arrow. A small group not necessarily proficient in English.

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Opportunity to refresh your skills before transfers. ©Emilie JOUVIN – Les Nouvelles de Sablé

Pascal Glodin (Professor of English, French and Criminal Law) and her husband Jean-Jacques (Graduate of Cambridge University), decided to organize every Monday evening. Voluntary courses On campus Fort Ball Club from society.

Most of the members of the Twinning Committee have a very basic knowledge of English, starting from school… The idea is to regain momentum to exchange more fluidly with the residents of Hay-on-Wye.

Jean-Jacques Glodin

The group is split in two: Jean-Jacques teaches “false beginners” at 6:30pm, and Pascal teaches “advanced” at 7:30pm. In a relaxed and warm environment, vocabulary and coordination are worked on orally. basically.

The idea is that everyone dares to express themselves, we don't care if we make mistakes, we're here to laugh and learn.

Jean-Jacques Glodin

Séverine was one of the “false beginning” students. “I've wanted to improve my English for a long time, and this is the best opportunity, and I can help my daughter, who is in the 5th grade. » Emeline, 13, takes the opportunity to accompany her mother during the Monday evening sessions.

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Twining Wales
Jean-Jacques Glotin gives lessons on a voluntary basis. ©Emilie JOUVIN – Les Nouvelles de Sablé

Like other members of the group, both hope to be able to participate First exchange with Welshplanned Spring 2024.

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